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Youth Marketing South Africa

The 30/30/30 Project: Why Gen Z is not interested in voting

Why is Gen Z not interested in voting, despite this generation's potential, desire and commitment to change the world? A new and insightful report, The 30/30/30 Project, launched by Flux Trends and Student Village on 16 May will look to answer this question.
Image supplied. Why is Gen Z not interested in voting?
Image supplied. Why is Gen Z not interested in voting?

The event will take place in Johannesburg at Workshop17 on West Street and will be hosted by partner and futurist at Flux Trends, Bronwyn Williams.

Delving deeper into the mindsets driving South Africa’s Gen Zs’s attitude towards the future of democracy and their place in it, as citizens, consumers, workers, and individuals are experts on youth insights in South Africa, Dion Chang and Ronen Aires.

They will share their learnings and thoughts from the Report on Gen Z, including:

  • Personal - deep dive into Gen Z lives
  • Professional - understand Gen Z career aspirations (or lack thereof)
  • Public - their sense of civic duty and activism in the run-up to the 2024 elections.

Flux Trends distils the barrage of information hurled at us in the digital era. It identifies and analyses macro trends (everything from politics, religion, youth culture, media, entertainment and technology) that influence social dynamics and therefore, our business interactions.

Register for the The 30/30/30 Project Report.

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