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Elon Musk's X Corp faces backlash for refusing to participate in Competition Commission inquiry

Elon Musk's X social media company drew criticism from inquiry chair James Hodge on Monday for its refusal to engage in a Competition Commission inquiry assessing the influence of major tech firms on South Africa's news sector.
Inquiry chair James Hodge is leading the public hearings. Source: YouTube.
Inquiry chair James Hodge is leading the public hearings. Source: YouTube.

As the chief economist at the Competition Commission, Hodge expressed frustration, noting that X is the sole significant digital platform abstaining from participation in the Media and Digital Platforms Market Inquiry.

"The only global platform that has so far refused to participate in these hearings is X Corp, formerly known as Twitter. The panel does not find this position acceptable, it denies us the ability to discuss and debate the submissions made by X Corp, and it denies the South African public and the media that transparency and accountability that is so important.

"We also find it somewhat ironic that X has taken this position given its own value proposition to users which it describes as real time global open public conversation platform where people can see every side of a topic...and engage in debate and discussion," said Hodge.

Invitations were extended to more than 50 potential stakeholders selected based on their written and oral submissions. Just over 40 stakeholders have confirmed their participation in the upcoming sessions, representing a diverse spectrum of interests. This includes representatives from mainstream and community media, broadcasters, associations, think tanks, social media platforms, ad brokers, and various other entities.

Notable organisations and associations set to participate in the public hearings include the South African National Editors Forum, the Association of Independent Publishers, the National Community Radio Forum, SOS Support Public Broadcasting, among others.

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