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Youth Month Content Feature

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Applying for a job in the creative industry? Read this!

In celebration of Youth Month and Youth Day this past weekend, we asked our chief people officer, Yevenia Naidoo and chief creative officer, Pete Little to share information about the Publicis Groupe Le Cubs internship and graduate programme as well as their top tips and advice for growing a career in the creative industry.
Applying for a job in the creative industry? Read this!

Both Naidoo and Little are passionate about nurturing young talent within the industry and are integrally involved in the Publicis Groupe Africa Le Cubs internship and graduate programme – an initiative that truly upskills and prepares young people for the ever-evolving world of work in the creative industry. With the focus on Youth Day this month, we asked them to share their top advice for young applicants entering the job market for the first time.

“I coach a lot of students in my spare time and I frequently get asked for advice around applying for jobs for the first time,” says Naidoo. Below, Naidoo gives a step-by-step guide on how to approach your job search and application:

1. “Asking yourself what your career plan is – or what it could look like – and to write down goals.”
2. “Then, do your research about the organisation you may be applying to. Remember that it’s not just about an organisation choosing you, but you choosing to work at that organisation, so make sure that your values are aligned.”
3. “When it gets to applying, tailor your application for that specific role and company. Keep it short, succinct and be honest about your skills, but also tell them why you will be an asset – think about what value you will add.”
4. “When it gets to the interview, ask questions, be curious and show up for yourself. At Publicis we look for people who show passion, drive and motivation, who present themselves well and who are aligned with our values – we call this the Publicis+ factor.”

Little is involved in a number of mentorship programmes both inside Publicis and in his personal capacity. Here, he offers his top advice and tips for those entering the job market in the creative industry and what hiring managers, like himself, would look for in candidates:

1. “Curiosity. It's fundamental to the job, it will take you past the expected and seen to the new and unexplored.”
2.” Resilience. This industry is tough but, if you’re truly passionate about it, the excitement and reward is well worth the hard work.”
3. “Be an eternal student. You are on a life-long journey of discovery and learning. Nelson Makamo didn’t just pick up a paint brush and become instantly great, he learnt and studied the works of Dumile Feni, Picasso and Van Gough. Who are you learning from?"
4. “Don’t be afraid to ask. The really top creatives’ minds are always there to help you grow, just make sure that you’re curious, resilient and have done your homework as an eternal student.”

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