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Branding South Africa

#30YearsOfFreedom features on Nasdaq billboard

In the run-up to the 27 April, Freedom Day, South African iconic images were beamed on the digital tower of the Nasdaq Building on 43rd Street and Broadway.
Source: SACGNY Facebook.  In the run-up to Freedom Day, South African iconic images were beamed on Nasdaq Market Site Tower
Source: SACGNY Facebook. SACGNY In the run-up to Freedom Day, South African iconic images were beamed on Nasdaq Market Site Tower

The 27 April is the 30th anniversary of South Africa’s first democratic elections.

The campaign, a collaboration between the South African Consulate General in New York City and several partners, was reported on the SACGNY’s
facebook page.

The story was picked up by the SABC.

It was also reported on by the GoodThingsGuy, Brent Lindeque.

The story on the site described the advert, “In a dazzling display of pride and unity, South Africa took centre stage in the heart of New York City. An advert celebrating our upcoming Freedom Day and “30 Years of Democracy” illuminated the iconic Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, one of the world’s most prominent billboards.

“As the clock struck 6 pm in South Africa (12 pm in New York), images of our beautiful country graced the screens of the Big Apple’s most famous square, captivating both locals and tourists alike and making headlines on news channels around the globe.”

This campaign is part of a series of events set to take place over days to commemorate the country’s “30 Years of Democracy”.

Among the planned festivities are a South African flag-raising ceremony with the Mayor of New York and an event, reports the GoodThingsGuy.

The “Nasdaq Market Site Towe

According to the GoodThingsGuy, “The Nasdaq billboard, often dubbed the “Nasdaq Market Site Tower,” is an impressive digital canvas that spans 929 square meters and stands 36.6 meters tall (10,000 square feet and 120 feet tall). For that special moment, South Africa’s story unfolded across this colossal screen, capturing the essence of our nation’s journey over the past 30 years.

He adds that this isn’t the first time that our flag has flown high on the Nasdaq billboard.

“This meaningful partnership is now in its third year, and in 2023, the towering screen showcased an image of the beloved former South African president, Nelson Mandela, in honour of our Freedom Day celebrations.”

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