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It's back by popular demand, our #30DaysInclusionChallenge

Change the way you think, feel and do inclusion this October.
Guess what? After the amazing response we had last year, we’re bringing back our #30DayInclusionChallenge this October, bigger and better!

Join us and make the most of Global Diversity Awareness Month in 2021.

Cohesion Collective, together in collaboration with Interweave Consulting, INvolve People and Amanda Hammett challenge you to join our exciting #30DayInclusionChallenge learning journey!

Some of our responses from the 2020 #30DIC participants:

It's back by popular demand, our #30DaysInclusionChallenge
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It's back by popular demand, our #30DaysInclusionChallenge
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It's back by popular demand, our #30DaysInclusionChallenge
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More about this real learning journey:

Through the bridging of different perspectives and voices from different regions across the globe, South Africa, India, UK and the USA, the #30DayInclusionChallenge will enable you to build greater consciousness and awareness around matters that relate to equality, diversity and inclusion.

This free learning journey will see you engaging each week with a different theme: Race & Ethnicity, Gender, LGBTIQ and Generations. Requiring only 15 minutes per day, we hope to help build:
  • Better language, literacy and awareness around major diversity dimensions
  • Practical examples of how to be an inclusive leader
  • Greater understanding of the historical context of exclusion and thus why inclusion is important.
  • How and why inclusion enters, affects and is important for organisations to get right.
  • Personal and professional development.
The Challenge Outline will be broken down as such:
    Week 1: Race and Ethnicity
    Week 2: Gender
    Week 3: LGBTIQ
    Week 4: Generation
    4 Weeks | 15 min per day | 4 Diversity Elements
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It's back by popular demand, our #30DaysInclusionChallenge

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