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Reinvigorating the Engen brand

Facing competition from new and established peers, Engen embarked on a major brand review that resulted in a new strategy completed in 2006. Called Project Reinvigorate, the strategy spans multiple streams of execution since 2007.
One of the key action points coming out of this strategy was the reappointment of Saatchi & Saatchi to refresh and cultivate consistency in group messaging.

Another vital and very visible strand was the revamp and brand consolidation of the company's nationwide network of service stations and convenience store outlets, so as to better showcase Engen's upmarket offerings.

Engen brand strategist Nobesuthu Tom says the quality and innovativeness of Engen's offerings were never in question. “It was the way in which they were presented that was not reflective of our market leader status.”

She reflects that market perception of forecourts is most influenced by a crisp, clean look-and-feel. This was to be a strong theme of the forecourt face-lift. The site overhaul started towards the end of 2007, and consumers will have noted these new crisp sites, with Woolies, Wimpy and Corner Bakery partnering some sites.

“Engen considers itself to be a caring company,” Tom continues. “To our dealers this means always bringing new things to market; to our customers it means giving them outlets that they want to come to.”

“We also felt that some of the sub-brands competed among themselves and that our perception in the market would benefit from some consolidation.”

To this end, Engen brought its smaller ‘On-the-Go' (OTG) convenience offerings within the bigger Quick shop franchise to prevent confusion and brand cannibalisation. “OTG won't be there forever,” Tom says. “But realistically, this change involves some financial investment, so it won't be an overnight change.”

To differentiate certain urban sites that have special convenience partner outlets, Engen created a new sub-brand, 1-Plus. 1-Plus sites will differ from normal urban sites by carrying the following minimum convenience offerings:
  • Quick shop
  • Corner Bakery
  • Rotisserie chicken or fast food brand
  • Coffee offering
  • Woolworths or convenience meals, and
  • Branded ATM

These sites will be clearly identifiable by the sharp-edged Engen wing sign and 1-Plus branding, as opposed to the rounded prime sign of normal Quick shop sites.

Tom says Engen has already reinvigorated a number of Engen's 1250 sites countrywide, with more changes to follow.

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