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How branding can grow your business

Businesses that want to stay top-of-mind at all times can achieve this with always-on branding.
How branding can grow your business

Branding is incredibly important, as discovered by a recent IAB study, which uncovered three crucial insights that all marketing professionals should know:

  • Brands that advertise within news content are more likely to see increases in consumer perception or other positive attributes.
  • Consumer trust in brand advertising within news increases because of associations with preferred news sources.
  • Consumers are more likely to consider making a purchase after being exposed to a brand’s advertisement within their preferred news sources.

BusinessTech is South Africa’s largest and most influential business news website, making it an ideal platform for marketing professionals to achieve outstanding brand exposure through always-on display marketing campaigns.

You can choose from homepage takeovers, category takeovers, and run-of-site banners, which our marketing team will execute to provide the best possible performance.

Our marketing experts will assist you with campaign management, performance optimisation, report generation, and even banner design.


BusinessTech is a great platform with a large audience of highly influential readers who make purchasing decisions in their businesses and households.

Many of these readers hold positions of authority; they include C-level executives, business owners, company directors, and managers.

Through BusinessTech’s always-on display marketing campaigns, you can reach this important target market and build a strong brand presence in South Africa.

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