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#FairnessFirst: Stepping up to keep SA's females safe

Local media - social media in particular - has covered the general sense of unrest and discomfort in the country this week, following the most recent spate of femicide cases that spurred the nation to say #Enoughisenough and ask #AmInext? In addition to marches, a number of platforms have been voicing their support.
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The truth is, as a country we do not have adequate resources and laws that will ensure accountability in regards to how we deal with violence against women and the immigration laws that are practically nonexistent. _________ The reality is, we have a migrant issue in our country, most of whom are not documented...we have immigration laws that are very limited thus far...we need to engage all relevant judicial stakeholders..reach out to the ILO..find ways of navigating the jurisdiction issues...engage the migrants countries of origin and begin practical and sustainable strides. ———— The fact is, violence against women and girls has been in existence for time immemorial ...sad but true! It’s a societal issue that calls for a country as a whole to stand against!! Educating women & girls of their rights is a start! Demanding stringent laws..ensuring that male counterparts are doing their part in all corners of the country in heading the call!! It takes all of us!!! ________ #westandwithwomen #femicide #womenslivesmatter #weareafrica #africaisus #shereigns #shematters #womensupportingwomen #women4women

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Gender equality is a powerful cause and one brave brands have already taken on, spurring a rise in cause-related marketing locally.

But say the current trending hashtags with me: #MakeitSafe #Enoughisenough #AmINext #JusticeForNene #iamNOTtnext #WomenDontOweYouShit #StopKillingUs #FemicideinSA.

It’s a chilling snapshot of the current mood online. Clearly, more needs to be done – fast.

And while much of the country has been wearing black to demonstrate mourning, we’ve also raised our voices – with numerous protests already held to demonstrate we’re willing to fight back for our safety.

The protest held outside parliament in the Cape Town CBD on Thursday, 5 September was particularly well attended – with South African president Cyril Ramaphosa finally making an appearance.

He spoke to the crowd at the march and also addressed the nation in a recorded speech later that evening.

But the likes of GoodThingsGuy, Matthew Savides, and The Kiffness beat him to it in making their voices heard earlier in the week – making a case for using their platforms and followings for good and sharing how males in the country can help the cause, respectively.

The male voice, in support of females

Good Things Guy’s Brent Lindeque wrote that they were taking the platform offline for 48 hours to stand with females affected by violence in the country, spurring supporters to sign a petition demanding action from the powers that be, and things snowballed from there.

This is more than just armchair activism, ‘clicktivism’ or ‘slacktivism’, where keyboard warriors are accused of signing petitions online and not taking any real action beyond that.

Because while The Guardian reports that social media activism in particular is a weak form of effecting change, Everyday Feminism points out that “talking about a social issue online does at least do the job of spreading awareness, building community around a topic and educating those who may have the wool firmly tied around their eyes about the real world. “

This has certainly been the case locally.

Taking the online offline with #Comein

Good Things Guy also shared the news that restaurants across the country are welcoming anyone who feels unsafe on the streets to wait indoors with them.

The Mankind Project is also calling for mass action and participation by men in solidarity with the women of South Africa, taking place around the country on Monday, 9 September at 9am.

Click here for more info on the event and get ready for the #RealMenStandUp and #AreYouManEnough hashtags to trend.

Small and perhaps slow steps, but effective in spreading a sense that we’re not alone – that we’re all afraid but ready to stand together to make a change for the better. Let’s keep sharing and raising awareness of the need for change!

See more of the social media images and posts making an impact below.

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#AmINext #uyinenemrwetyana

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#femicide #feminist #prayforsouthafrica #aminext

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#aminext #nene #southafrica #solidarity

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As’phelelanga. #RIPUyinene #AmINext #EnoughIsEnough

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