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Behind the Selfie Interview South Africa

#BehindtheSelfie: Samantha Fuller, Binance Africa's head of communications

This week, we catch up with the head of communications at Binance Africa, Samantha Fuller.
Image supplied: Samantha Fuller
Image supplied: Samantha Fuller

Where do you live, work and play?

Cape Town, Cape Town, Cape Town! I’m very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What’s really behind your selfie?

An ambitious and intentional woman who strives to be the best mom, wife, daughter, friend, and colleague while still maintaining time for myself. I am also a cancer survivor helping to bring awareness to early detection as well as the importance of nutrition and holistic wellness post-diagnosis.

What does a typical weekend look like for you now?

I have two kids under the age of four years. My weekends are often spent finger painting, swimming, walking the greenbelt, reading The Gruffalo 100x, and watching Sing or Frozen for the 1000x.

I’m also using any free time to learn about this incredible industry I find myself in - crypto, Blockchain, Web3 - wow, there is so much to learn. Binance Academy has been incredibly helpful as I am an unashamed crypto novice!

Describe your career so far.

During my communications career, I have worked across a broad range of industries from music and events, to the gig economy, transport, technology, entrepreneurship development and finance.

Essentially I am a results-driven communications specialist with experience across global markets. I am deeply passionate about communications, the African continent and throughout my career have been focused on accessibility and fair access to technology for all. I really enjoy building communications strategies, working with key opinion leaders, and engaging with the media across the globe.

I have a successful track record in building a brand, almost from scratch in some cases, a great deal of crisis management experience, experience in public policy, and of course developing engaging marketing and PR campaigns.

What are you streaming/reading/listening to right now?

Reading - Spare by Prince Harry and Blockchain by Xu Mingxing
Streaming - Huberman Lab and CZ’s Masterclass
Listening - Xavier Rudd and Let’s Go Dancing - Dean Fuel (my husband’s podcast)

What’s your favourite gif?

Give us the quote you like to live your life by?

“Done is better than perfect.”

This has never been more true than today. The world of crypto is so fast-moving and ever-changing, in my line of work we need to get things out and into the right hands fast. Circling over the finer details wastes time. My stakeholders want to hear from me, their time is precious. I have also applied this to my personal life. I can’t be perfect but I can get it done -whether it's exercise, one on one time with my kids, journalling, date night, or Christmas dinner… it may not be perfect but it will get done.

And that sense of accomplishment when something is done! Nothing beats it, not even perfection!

Do you have any secret talents?

Does sabering champagne count? If so, I am currently on five out of five in the art of Sabrage.

What are some of your best loadshedding survival tips?

If you can, invest in an inverter or start saving for one. It has been a game changer for me, always having power to my laptop and modem. If you have internet and power to your workstation, you can manage those long loadshedding stretches.

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