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Behind the Selfie Interview South Africa

#BehindtheSelfie: Mellissa Smith, content coordinator for Burger King South Africa

This week, we caught up with the digital marketing and content coordinator for Burger King South Africa, Mellissa Smith. Smith is part of the team rolling out the Burger King Call of Duty Modern Warfare II collab campaign in South Africa.
Image supplied: Digital marketing and content coordinator for Burger King South Africa, Mellissa Smith.
Image supplied: Digital marketing and content coordinator for Burger King South Africa, Mellissa Smith.

Where do you live, work and play?

I live, work, and play in beautiful Cape Town. Beautiful not only because we have the mountain and ocean on our doorstep, but because we also mostly experience a less intense loadshedding schedule than the rest of South Africa.

What’s really behind your selfie?

A T-rex! My love of learning and the film Night at the Museum made me take an obligatory selfie at the American Museum of Natural History when I was in New York ��

What does a typical weekend look like for you now?

Cleaning my apartment with Of Monsters and Men in the background, followed by either sewing lessons or heading out to meet with friends or family. If it’s friends, we’re probably playing board games. If it’s family, we’re going out to eat or helping my mother with her teaching prep.

Describe your career so far

A rather unconventional journey I’d say. I started my career as a high school science teacher in the South African public education system!

I also studied programming whilst at university, did an internship for a marketing agency and volunteered for non-profits before working for Burger King.

Even though it’s two separate professions, I’ve found more similarities than differences. I’m thankful for my time spent teaching and excited for the experiences marketing will bring!

What are you streaming/reading/listening to right now?

I’m not streaming anything new, but I am re-watching the Call the Midwife series. An absolute favourite and sorely underrated. On the bus, I enjoy listening to Shane & Shane.

What’s your favourite gif?

I prefer emojis but this one is an oldie and a goodie!

Give us the quote you like to live your life by?

“Love knows no limits to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope: it can outlast anything. It is, in fact, the one thing that still stands when all else has fallen.” - Elisabeth Elliot

Do you have any secret talents?

Hmm. A talent that I’ve been focussing on is crocheting. I have a real interest in improving my amigurumi works.

What are some of your best loadshedding survival tips?

For evening schedules, I charge my phone beforehand for music and my lamp for crocheting.

I’m at our work offices during the day where no loadshedding takes place, however on the weekends, I’ll use that time for cleaning, gardening or - you guessed it - crocheting.

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