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Behind the Selfie Interview South Africa

#BehindtheSelfie: Jane Young, marketing manager at Profitroom

This week, we caught up with the marketing manager for SA, UK and the Nordics at booking platform Profitroom, Jane Young.
Image supplied: Marketing manager at Profitroom, Jane Young
Image supplied: Marketing manager at Profitroom, Jane Young

Where do you live, work and play?

I am originally from New Zealand, however, due to work, love and adventure have moved to a small town called in Kent, UK. Since Covid I work remotely from wherever I am needed – from the Nordics to sunny South Africa, which is an extremely exciting part of my job, getting paid to do what I love, travel.

Play really comes down to who I am with. When I am with my family (that includes a toddler), you will find me at the local market or petting zoo – something more child friendly. But looking back to when I lived in London, enjoying the local pop-up restaurants or popping over to France for the evening for delicious wine used to be my type of fun!

What’s really behind your selfie?

I love a recommendation and am likelier to try somewhere that has been personally recommended to me - like Brenton-on-Sea in Knysna. Knysna shows off South Africa’s sense of indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches. It is a place that has captured my heart in South Africa with quaint coffee shops, delicious seafood and the ability to really let you unwind and relax.

I’m also a woman who loves to explore new things and new places, from bigger cities to small towns and villages.

Tell us some of your few favourite things.

Family time, delicious wine, delicious food, and travelling to unknown and different locations

Describe your career so far

I am an experienced marketing manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Although specialising in marketing – the ever-changing landscape - meant that I have had to upskill myself in everything from PR, partnerships, food and beverage, collateral design and copywriting, to hotel management, social media, and brand strategy and implementation.

I started off studying my Bachelor of Tourism Management focused in management and marketing from Victoria University of Wellington, and from there began my career as a marketing assistant at Holiday Inn, and then working for various hotels in New Zealand until I found myself at Wyndham Grand – which brought me to the UK.

What are you streaming/reading/listening to right now?

I don’t get much downtime with a little one – it’s often Cocomelon or whatever is the new toddler trend. However when I do get adult time I love to snuggle into a good series like The Crown or House of Dragons.

Looking for a good podcast – definitely tune in to Shagged, Married, Annoyed with Comedian Chris Ramsey.

What’s your favourite gif?

One I have to use too many times

If we took your phone and scrolled through it now, what would we find?

Pictures of all our “On Tour” events – social media is a big part of what I have to capture as we move from location to location, so photo’s photo’s photo’s…. and probably a couple of hundred unread emails I need to get too.

Do you have any secret talents?

Definitely finding a really good piece of art or design that is local to where I am on my travels.

Tell us something few people know about you?

I thrive on the organization – it saves me time, it reduces my stress, and gives me a sense of control.

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