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UPDATE: D&AD releases statement in solidarity with Ukraine

D&AD has released a statement standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. D&AD believes in the sovereignty of the nation, the values of democracy and the right of its citizens to live in peace and safety.

D&AD updated their policy:

D&AD has announced that it is no longer able to accept participation from Russia in the 2022 D&AD Awards and New Blood Awards.

On 28 February, D&AD released a statement that they would continue to allow entries from the Russian creative community in this year’s D&AD Awards and that they would in turn be making a donation of that amount to support the Ukrainian creative community.

As the conflict has continued to escalate at an alarming rate over the past week, D&AD reconsidered their position and made the decision to remove all Russian entries from both awards shows this year and will not be able to allow participation from Russian companies or individuals.

D&AD intends to keep their lines of communication open with their Russian colleagues who oppose the war on Ukraine. They will refund their entry fees, including to students and tutors of the New Blood Awards, when it is possible to do so.

We remain categorically opposed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the horrifying violence inflicted on the Ukrainian people.

D&AD said that they will uphold their promise to make a donation to the Art Directors Club of Europe Ukraine if and when they are able to accept it, or alternatively to initiatives supporting displaced Ukrainian creatives.

As there are many resources and initiatives in place to help the Ukrainian people through this horrific crisis, D&AD would also like to use its platform to draw attention to some of the real ways you can help Ukraine right now.

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people who are suffering, and we hope that through the global community's joint efforts we will be able to help them through this crisis
D&AD wishes to support Ukraine and help them recover from this unjust and unthinkable devastation and destruction.

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