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Put you in Youth Month

One of the most impressive aspects of South Africa's corporate environment must surely be its dynamic Corporate Social Investment (CSI) landscape.
Put you in Youth Month
One of our key objectives at Bizcommunity has always been to provide a platform for the sharing of local CSI news – the people, policies and projects - that make up the bigger picture of sustainable corporate initiatives in our region.

Tell your CSI stories to 464,000 readers

To coincide with Youth Month and CSI Month we’re publishing a two-month Content Highlight burst aiming to provide our 464,000 local and global readers with a comprehensive snapshot of the state of CSI projects and programmes in our region.

Putting the you in youth

Youth Day, on June 16, in South Africa commemorates the 1976 Soweto Uprising. To honour our youth, Bizcommunity dedicates the month of June to all things youth-related and will be once again be showcasing these nation-builders of our future.

Putting the spotlight on CSI

In 2009 the United Nations declared our Madiba’s birthday, 18 July, to be International Nelson Mandela Day. Ever since then July has become synonymous as the month of all things doing good by Mandela’s legacy - We've dedicated this month to our nationwide CSI showcase.

Youth/CSI Special Section bundle offer

For two months we’ll be showcasing our youth and providing coverage relating to all players in the CSI eco-system from non-profit and government partner organisations to beneficiary stories and the corporate and individual heroes who make up the bigger picture of the South African CSI sector.

Tell your youth/CSI stories to 464,000 readers and 50,000 social media followers

The digital media offers companies a great opportunity to tell their CSI stories as part of a corporate brand reputation strategy. Companies with well-established and well-run CSR/CSI initiatives are increasingly likely to be favourably considered by customers, stakeholders, tenders and investers.

To find out how to get your Youth Month and CSI case studies on Bizcommunity's front pages, contact us on 0860 812 000.

Sponsor Youth and CSI Special Sections for a special bundled price: To have your brand seen as a top of mind sponsor for Youth Month Special Sections, CSI Month Special Section (and we’ll throw in sponsorship of the CSI portal) contact moc.ytinummoczib@selas.

Corporate Content Service: To enquire about Bizcommunity’s Corporate Content writing service for development and distribution of your tailored CSI and branded content contact moc.ytinummoczib@eciffosserp
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