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    #BizUnity: How The Insider SA is expressing an appreciation of ubuntu

    The Insider SA is a brand-new lifestyle show launching on Tuesday, 4 August on SABC 3, which will share the stories of individuals and businesses that inspire us all to make better choices and create meaningful experiences.
    The show aims to challenge the way we consume as well as to encourage and stimulate local talent. The viewers are challenged with thought-provoking questions such as, 'Why buy international name-brands when you can get the same quality from a local supplier?'

    Whether it be food, art, design, technology, fashion, artisans and entrepreneurs, the show is set to feature stories with a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, collaboration and community.

    We chat to producer Patience Stevens, the owner of Cardova Productions, who tells us how the show was conceived, how they managed to shoot during lockdown and the importance of it launching during the pandemic.

    Patience Stevens, producer of The Insider SA and owner of Cardova Productions. Image supplied.
    Patience Stevens, producer of The Insider SA and owner of Cardova Productions. Image supplied.

    BizcommunityHow do you choose the right people to talk to?

    A lot of research goes into finding the right stories for the show. Often one story will lead to another which will lead to another and so on. The response from creatives and businesses has been overwhelmingly positive and people are very excited to share their stories with the country. People want to connect more, share who they are and what they do with the world. The Insider SA provides them a platform to inspire and build each other through positive action.

    BizcommunityHow did you come up with the idea for the show and what would you like to achieve?

    South African’s are hungry for aspirational content that is inclusive and attainable. The show was conceived and proposed last year with the fundamental mindset of inspiring us all to live better. It has been refined in the very different world we now find us ourselves in, to accommodate the need for greater compassion, empathy and understanding.

    With small businesses and creatives in South Africa going through such challenging times, the original concept of highlighting their achievements has been expanded to celebrating their contribution to keeping our economy alive, and motivating viewers to support local design, arts, crafts and production.

    BizcommunityWith everybody’s focus being on Covid-19 at the moment, why do you feel it is important to launch a show like this in the current space?

    We’re all in a state of limbo at the moment, not sure what the future holds, but one thing is for sure – South Africans have become more united through all of this. Now more than ever we need to support local businesses and creatives in order to keep them alive.
    The Insider SA profiles these individuals and organisations, sharing their knowledge and expertise with a national audience. There is a strong need for positive news and stories about what people are doing to overcome challenges in a creative way.
    With our coverage of the Ardmore ceramicists – we show the unique Covid-19 inspired range they have made – taking inspiration from something fearful and turning it into collector’s items.

    BizcommunityWhen was this show actually shot and did Covid-19 have any effect on this process?

    Filming started when the country entered level 3 and the team has spent lockdown researching and planning remotely. The crew never consists of more than 2 members on-site and we are adhering strictly to regulations. The decision not to use presenters was taken to make the actual content the hero of the programme and in keeping with international trends. This has made it easier to co-ordinate, plus has given a very unique personal interaction with the viewer, as the guests interact directly with the camera.

    BizcommunityWe see the show has a lot to do with sustainability and ubuntu, that being said, are you as a company structured in a way that these values play a part of your business?

    As a company we identify and build talent – in front of and behind the camera. This is part of the Cardova DNA and our particular philosophy of ubuntu.

    Regarding sustainability, we have our own company missions, one of which was inspired whilst filming The Taste Master SA at Boschendal Estate, where we centred on their beekeeping and production of natural honey.

    To contribute to the vital propagation of bees, and the role they play in pollination, we are getting two beehives in the small garden at the studio, and will be sharing the process with Expresso and Afternoon Express viewers of how we can work with beekeepers to build the community of bees in our immediate surroundings.

    BizcommunityOf the people that you’ve approached for this project, are there any standout or noteworthy innovators that you would like to give more exposure to than just the show and why?

    One of the most inspiring stories we’ve encountered is that of Stephanie Weil, the new CEO of Miss South Africa. Since taking ownership of the brand, she has completely transformed the pageant but maintains a very low profile. She has opened the platform up to all women no matter their size, sexual orientation, height, weight, religion or education. Another achiever of note is Beverly Gumbi, a Durban-based businesswomen who founded Isivuno Containers that converts ordinary shipping containers into functional living and working spaces for usage of offices, teaching and storage facilities, tuckshops and salons.

    BizcommunityIs there any specific reason why you felt SABC 3 is the right fit for the show?

    The Insider SA reflects the positioning of SABC 3 – creating unique experiences and the promotion of an inclusive circular economy. SABC 3 leads with quintessential lifestyle programs such as the stylish The Insider SA with a particular interest in the promotion of creativity, entrepreneurship and local sustainability.” - Pat Van Heerden, Head of Bouquet 3.

    BizcommunityI see Capitec is a sponsor.How did this come about and do they have any influence on the show?

    The show shares common values with Capitec’s core purpose – inspire South Africans to live better and make better financial decisions. This made for the perfect partnership. Capitec innovations, merchants and business partners will be featured in show content through meaningful stories rooted in South African culture that uplift, challenge and inspire the audience to live better with positive action.

    BizcommunityTell us more about the brand’s online platform and how do you plan on maximising reach? 

    The online platform is essential to the success of The Insider SA. The website and the show work together to create a holistic guide to living better. All the content from the show will be accessible on the website, along with more information, special once-off deals and competition prizes related to the show’s content. Over the long term, the website will exist as a go-to guide for the best in local food, design, fashion, art, travel and more.

    The show is launching on Tuesday, 4 August at 7:30pm, with a repeat on Saturdays, 8pm on SABC 3. For more on The Insider SA, you can visit the website or follow it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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