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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 193: Zero Negative Energy launch with Adidas

On Thursday, 20 October 2016, Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show host Warren Harding (@bizwazza) chatted to Brett Burgess, BU Head Training Division at adidas South Africa, about the launch of the Adidas Athletics category and specifically the Z.N.E (zero negative energy) hoodie which was the focus piece of the category's first range.
We took a closer look at Adidas, the new launch, the campaign and the challenges in marketing in the sports industry.

We spoke to Brett about:
    • We look at the recently launched Adidas athletics division and the ZNE launch.
    • Brett’s wish list for brand objectives for 2017.
    • The launch and activations. Global and international.
    • The value of TV, print and other mainstream media?
    • The biggest obstacles to take up and planning of "new media" campaigns?
    • Other activations planned for the brand stable for the rest of the year?
    • The main challenges and or opportunities for your brand sector?
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Episode 192: Zero Negative Energy launch with Adidas.

Date: 20 October 2016 Length: 16:40min File size: 23.4MB Host: Warren Harding

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