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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 192: Fortinet discuss online security and IoT

On Thursday, 13 October 2016, Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show host Warren Harding (@bizwazza) chatted to Paul Williams, country manager for Fortinet, the number one online hardware and software security vendor in Africa.
[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 192: Fortinet discuss online security and IoT
We took a closer look at the rise of cyber security, what companies, IT managers and individuals need to know and where the threats lie.

We discussed:

• Who is Fortinet and what do they offer?
• Is cyber crime really on the rise and what can we do to protect ourselves.
• The international trends in online security.
• How you can secure yourself and your company online.
• How the internet of things changes security and increases the risk.
• How driverless car manufactures are having to look at security to ensure safety on the roads.
• Which is safer, a Mac or PC.
• The future of online security and what is next for Fortinet.

Check out Fortinet for more info.

Episode 191: Fortinet discuss online security and the internet of things.

Date: 13 October 2016 Length: 16:57min File size: 23.8MB Host: Warren Harding

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