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Bizcommunity launches new dedicated sectors, newsletters - South Africa's largest online B2B publisher - is set to grow even more with the introduction of 16 new content channels, with weekly newsletters, as from yesterday Tuesday, 20 September 2011.
Bizcommunity launches new dedicated sectors, newsletters

These 16 new channels with newsletters each contain news, views, research and opinion pieces covering the following sectors of commerce and industry:The channels have been in production for several weeks and form part of an even broader expansion into all sectors of business in South Africa which will ultimately see 30 new channels reflecting the country's diverse business landscape.

These will complement the existing Marketing & Media South Africa, Marketing & Media Africa, Retail and Medical portals currently under the Bizcommunity umbrella. The Retail and Medical channels are currently undergoing a revamp, to be followed by a subscription and readership drive. At the moment, Bizcommunity has 203 000 subscribers to its multiple daily and weekly newsletters.

Highly specialised, niche

Following the launch of all these channels, attention will be devoted to specialist sectors within these channels and then on highly specialised channels focusing on energetic, but niche environments.
Robin Parker
Robin Parker
"The new channels open up unprecedented opportunities for South African business advertisers and for a wide range of consumer advertisers keen to engage with a high-end audience under a single umbrella. Navigation to the various elements will be easy and obvious. They also offer a logical expansion of the advertised recruitment offering, which has long formed a critical element of the existing portals," says Bizcommunity MD Robin Parker.

"As part of the ongoing expansion plans, many new marketing avenues have been explored and partnerships forged. This will allow us to move to critical mass, with good penetration down to executive level across the important businesses that form the foundation of these sectors."

Parkers notes, "This is an important measurement for potential advertisers as we will be able to target individuals for subscription and be able to tell advertisers the level to which we penetrate the major decision makers in business without compromising their identity.

"Our model is simple"

"Given that our model is simple - introducing suppliers to buyers through content - the quality of our reader base online and the integrity of our newsletter subscriber base, particularly in the light of recent legislation, are all important. They make the choice of advertising placement much easier when information on the audience is so detailed by sector."Bizcommunity is offering the chance to win a prize for subscribing to any of these new sector newsletters (initially only weekly newsletters will be sent), and if friends and acquaintances are encouraged to subscribe.
Bizcommunity launches new dedicated sectors, newsletters

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