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AMPS 2004 reveals limited growth in unbranded categories

As regards FMCG product categories, no growth has been measured in unbranded categories, according to the SA Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) All Media Products Survey (AMPS) for 2004.
AMPS 2004 contained 90 FMCG product categories, 32 of which carried branded questions for subscribers to SAARF Branded AMPS® (brand information is confidential to subscribers). There is also branded information for categories such as automotive (6-month), cellular phones, fast food outlets, financial institutions, insurance, retail stores (clothing), and retail stores (food, groceries, toiletries - 6-month).

Thirty-one FMCG unbranded product categories showed no significant movement in AMPS® 2004. Others showed the following significant changes:

- Beverages: declines in the usage of instant coffee, Rooibos tea, and ready-to-drink fruit juice.
- Foods: declines in the purchase of biscuits (not rusks or savoury), mealie meal, and rice, and declines in the usage of chocolate-coated bars.
- Personal Care: usage of facial cream/lotion, hair products (regular and combination shampoo), conditioner, styling gel, mousse, and hair spray is down.
- Household Products: purchase of washing powder is down.

New Lifestyle group added to SAARF Lifestyles

A tenth grouping, "Serious" has been added to SAARF Lifestyles. The SAARF Lifestyle section consists of questions on a range of activities, including: 24 questions on people's interest and participation in sport, and attendance of sporting events; 51 questions covering people's frequency of participation in lifestyle/leisure/ entertainment activities; 17 on music interest; and six on frequency of attending cultural events.

The individual activities are released on the AMPS® database, and, in addition, the SAARF Lifestyle groups, as determined through statistical analysis of the data, are available from the organisation.

In SAARF AMPS® 2004, the number of groups increased back to 10, having dropped to nine in AMPS® 2003B, but with a slight reshuffling. The SAARF Lifestyle groups are now as follows:

Group 1 - Good Living
Group 2 - Sports (a consolidation of "Niche Sports" and "Mainstream Sports")
Group 3 - Gamers
Group 4 - Traditional
Group 5 - Outdoor
Group 6 - Homebodies
Group 7 - Showgoers
Group 8 - Gardeners
Group 9 - Bars & Betters
Group 10 - Serious (new)

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