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#AssegaiAwards2020: All the winners!

The 2020 Assegai Awards was held at The Venue in Melrose Arch in Johannesburg on Thursday, 26 November.
#AssegaiAwards2020: All the winners!

Special awards went to:

  • Young Direct Marketer of the Year: Nicole Glover, social media manager at Penquin
  • Agency Credentials: FoxP2
  • Newcomer of the Year: Penquin
  • Nkosi Award: Joe Public United
  • Zinthatu Award: Riverbed

All entries were individually scored by an expert panel of judges and the final scores were audited by an independent auditor. CEO of DMASA David Dickens said, “The Assegais ask for more than mere creativity. Our clients demand returns and our members must figure out how to reach for the stars while being rooted in the rands and cents of the bottom line.”

AwardAgency nameCategoryEntry
LeaderThe Riverbed3DPhuza Nathi Sippy Cup 3D
GoldJoe Public UnitedDirect Mail: Addressed and Unaddressed CampaignsThe Great Stigma Clearance – Jet Edcon
LeaderBoomtownDirect Response Mass Media: TV, Print, Out-of-Home and RadioDon’t be chicken check them
LeaderFox P2Direct Response Mass Media: TV, Print, Out-of-Home and RadioCash Back Case
SilverPromiseDirect Response Mass Media: TV, Print, Out-of-Home and RadioCastle Lite: Cold Tracker
Leader10th Street MediaEmail MarketingDiscovery 947 Ride Joburg
GoldJoe Public UnitedExperiential MediaA Few Minutes is Worth a Lifetime SANBS
BronzeSimunye MediaFace to Face Activations / Field MarketingGillette Ethnic Barbershop Network
LeaderLevergyFace to Face Activations / Field MarketingHeineken #TeamHeineken Rugby World Cup Experience
LeaderTriple EightFace to Face Activations / Field MarketingRajah Our Perfect Wishlist
BronzeMobitainment, Carat & 13th FloorMobile MarketingNivea #TakeExtraCare
BronzePromiseMobile MarketingCastle Lite: The $3 000 000 Call
GoldClockworkMobile MarketingMicrosoft Control your discount
BronzeTriple EightMobile Targeted SMS, MMSNestle Nespray Maths Challenge
BronzeMark1, Partner in the DUKE GroupOnline Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaignsBreak the Traditional Tradition
LeaderBrandTruth/DGTLOnline Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaignsDSTV Update your Status
LeaderPromiseOnline Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaignsRMB: A Story Of Courage
LeaderRogerwilcoOnline Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaignsNGD Test and learn
GoldPromiseOnline Campaigns: banners, micro sites, remarketing and other online campaignsCastle Lite: The $3 000 000 Call
LeaderFlume DigitalSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCTogether Nedbank
LeaderRogerwilcoSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCTCS Search Campaign
LeaderRuby DigitalSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCSoundX Turning Up the Search
LeaderRuby DigitalSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCVadas
LeaderSauce AdvertisingSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCKerbside Delivery
LeaderConversation LABSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCBloom Health
SilverThe Media ShopSearch Marketing: SEO and PPCDStv Compact: Search Gomora
BronzeBrandTruth/DGTLSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)DSTV Update your Status
BronzeClockworkSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Microsoft Visit Xbox
BronzeClockworkSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)NetFlix Blood and Water
BronzeHoola Modern AgencySocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Tekkie Town Walk Your Way
BronzeJoe Public UnitedSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Maggi Noodle Day
BronzeConversation LABSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Bloom Health
BronzeThe Hardy BoysSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Aromat Miss Universe
LeaderBrave GroupSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Jose Cuervo
LeaderBrave GroupSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Glenfiddich
LeaderJoe Public UnitedSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Jet Heritage Day #JetSwank
LeaderJoe Public UnitedSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Kit Kat – Take a break and celebrate your city
LeaderPromiseSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Castle Lite: The $3 000 000 Call
LeaderRogerwilcoSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)AUL Covid-19 Heroes
LeaderSalt & CandySocial Media (Social Media Platforms)One Million Customers in 12 weeks
LeaderSauce AdvertisingSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Shoot your shot
LeaderSocial CREACHAsSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)WesBank's Car People
LeaderThe 13th FloorSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Coo-ee "Sounds of Summer"
LeaderThe 13th Floor and CARATSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Nivea Men Challenge for Charity
LeaderThe et al GroupSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)The 3rd Avbob Poetry Gala
LeaderThe Media ShopSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Debonairs Pizza – Headlessman
LeaderThe Media ShopSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Fishaways – Freshercise (Flatten your curve)
LeaderThe Media ShopSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Multichoice DSTV Compact 10 years
SilverPlaymakersSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)#KFCProposal
SilverThe RiverbedSocial Media (Social Media Platforms) Underage Drinking Campaign
SilverWunderman ThompsonSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Vodacom Datawyze
SilverWunderman ThompsonSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Vodacom Gig Game
GoldJoe Public UnitedSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Retweets into Rands Nedbank
GoldThe Hardy BoysSocial Media (Social Media Platforms)Share your mess
LeaderO'Keeffe & SwartzTelemarketing: OutboundIntegrated Funeral Policy
LeaderO'Keeffe & SwartzTelemarketing: OutboundUpgrade to Funeral Plan Base
BronzePromiseWebsitesRMB: A Story Of Courage
BronzeThe RiverbedWebsitesBarloworld Khula Sizwe
LeaderConversation LABWebsitesBloom Health
LeaderRuby DigitalWebsitesSupport Business
Multichannel/Country Awards
LeaderTriple EightBest Direct Marketing Cross Border CampaignDurex Get The Feels
GoldPromiseBest Direct Marketing Cross Border CampaignCastle Lite: Cold Tracker
BronzeLevergyIntegrated Direct Marketing Campaign with under R500 000 budgetNedbank CWG: In Wine There Is A Story
BronzePromiseIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsRMB: A Story Of Courage
BronzeThe RiverbedIntegrated Direct Marketing Underage Drinking Campaign
LeaderLevergyIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsEnergade Fuelling South African Heroics
LeaderRetail EngageIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsBonsella
LeaderConversation LABIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsBloom Health
LeaderThe et al GroupIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsThe 3rd Avbob Poetry Gala
LeaderThe RiverbedIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsBarloworld Khula Sizwe
SilverLevergyIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsTeam Heineken
GoldJoe Public UnitedIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsEverybody’s talking about Easy bucks Chicken Licken
GoldJoe Public UnitedIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsSign the Smile – Amnesty
GoldMark1, Partner in the DUKE GroupIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsHeart and Stroke Foundation - Anti Vaping
GoldPenquin & SpitfireIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsSuzuki Auto South Africa – Ertiga
GoldTriple EightIntegrated Direct Marketing CampaignsNestle Nespray Maths Challenge
Relationship Marketing Awards
BronzeRetail EngageCRM ProgrammesBonsella
SilverMobitainment, BabyYumYum & Shandon BusinessCRM ProgrammesMyMomentum BabyYumYum Maternity Programme
GoldMobitainment, Carat & 13th FloorCRM ProgrammesNivea #TakeExtraCare
LeaderClockworkDatabase and Analytics InnovationMicrosoft Control your discount
LeaderMobitainment, BabyYumYum & Shandon BusinessDatabase and Analytics InnovationMyMomentum BabyYumYum Maternity Programme
LeaderClockworkLoyalty ProgrammesStandard Bank Ucount
Craft Awards
BronzeBoomtownArt DirectionThe Silent Killer - Hypertension Awareness
BronzeJoe Public UnitedArt Direction30 Days of Self-care
BronzeLevergyArt DirectionNew Balance SA: Runs In The Family
LeaderPenquinArt DirectionSuzuki S-Presso
GoldJoe Public UnitedArt DirectionThe Great Stigma Clearance – Jet Edcon
LeaderMobitainment, BabyYumYum & Shandon BusinessBranded ContentMyMomentum BabyYumYum Maternity Programme
LeaderPHDBranded ContentFlora Stay Home Stay Healthy
LeaderThe Media ShopBranded ContentSouth African Tourism
SilverPromiseBranded ContentRMB: A Story Of Courage
SilverThe RiverbedBranded ContentNedbank Money Secrets
GoldJohn Brown MediaBranded ContentFresh Campaign for Pick & Pay
BronzeLevergyInnovative SolutionsHeineken #TeamHeineken Rugby World Cup Experience
LeaderBoomtownInnovative SolutionsThe Silent Killer - Hypertension Awareness
LeaderClockworkInnovative SolutionsNetFlix Blood and Water
LeaderFlume DigitalInnovative SolutionsMFC Digital Launch
LeaderOnePointFourInnovative SolutionsWesBank Site Redevelopment
LeaderThe et al  GroupInnovative SolutionsThe 3rd Avbob Poetry Gala
LeaderThe RiverbedInnovative Underage Drinking Campaign
LeaderWunderman ThompsonInnovative SolutionsVodacom Gig Game
SilverClockworkInnovative SolutionsHyundi Don’t cross your T's
SilverClockworkInnovative SolutionsMicrosoft Control your discount
SilverClockworkInnovative SolutionsMicrosoft Visit Xbox
GoldJoe Public UnitedInnovative SolutionsA Few Minutes is Worth a Lifetime SANBS
BronzeTriple EightMost Effective Use of ContentNestle Nespray MathBot
LeaderClockworkMost Effective Use of ContentNetFlix Blood and Water
LeaderHoola Modern AgencyMost Effective Use of ContentTekkie Town Walk Your Way
LeaderJohn Brown MediaMost Effective Use of ContentCapitec Move Campaign
LeaderMobitainment, Talent Brand, TTRO & Blue MagnetMost Effective Use of ContentReal Hero's Connect
LeaderWunderman ThompsonMost Effective Use of ContentVodacom Datawyze
SilverJoe Public UnitedMost Effective Use of ContentEverybody’s talking about Easy bucks Chicken Licken
SilverPromiseMost Effective Use of ContentRMB: A Story Of Courage
Gold10th Street MediaMost Effective Use of ContentDiscovery 947 Ride Joburg
GoldPromiseMost Effective Use of ContentCastle Lite: The $3 000 000 Call
LeaderTriple EightUse of New TechnologiesNestle Nespray MathBot
Gold10th Street MediaUse of New TechnologiesDiscovery 947 Ride Joburg
GoldCarat SA & KenyaUse of New TechnologiesGuinness Goal Challenge
GoldPromiseUse of New TechnologiesCastle Lite: Cold Tracker
SilverClockworkUX, Interface and Navigation DesignMicrosoft Visit Xbox
Special Direct Awards
LeaderSauce AdvertisingNon Profit Direct Marketing CampaignDreams cant be locked down
SilverMark1, Partner in the DUKE GroupNon Profit Direct Marketing CampaignHeart and Stroke Foundation - Anti Vaping
SilverOgilvyNon Profit Direct Marketing CampaignThe Rape Page
GoldThe RiverbedNon Profit Direct Marketing Underage Drinking Campaign
LeaderTriple EightPublic Benefit Direct Marketing CampaignDettol Protects the Frontline
Individual And Company Awards
LeaderBoomtownAgency CredentialsBoomtown
LeaderConversation LABAgency CredentialsThe Conversation Lab
GoldFox P2Agency CredentialsFoxP2
SilverTriple EightAgency of the YearTriple Eight
BronzeTriple EightDirect Marketer of the YearTriple Eight
GoldPenquinNew Comer AwardPenquin
GoldJoe Public UnitedNkosi Award Joe Public United
LeaderJoren CommunicationsSME of the yearJoren Communications
GoldPenquinYoung Direct Marketer of the YearNicole Glover - Penquin
GoldThe RiverbedZinthatu AwardThe Riverbed

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