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Design Indaba Event feedback

#DesignIndaba2017: Bringing great things to People (gt2P) by paracrafting

In the final session before tea on the first day of Design Indaba 2017, Chilean gt2P and SA's own Andile Dyalvane left attendees spellbound and a little shell-shocked at the implications of their work that unravels the DNA of design and respirals it to scale.
Team Gt2P, image from their site
Team Gt2P, image from their site

Simply put, gt2P is an architecture, art and design studio from Santiago, Chile that believes in digital craft experimentation and uses algorithmic thinking to show how technologies can bring us closer together rather than pull us apart with the richness of all that is local, particularly in design.

Design DNA and wrinkled emotion

Partners Tamara Pérez, Sebastián Rozas, Guillermo Parada and Eduardo Arancibia began gt2P in 2009. It’s a team that works together with a common interest in making. Their talk explored the evolution of their work from digital crafting to paracrafting or working with others, your context and environment to make anything possible. It’s quite the jaw-dropper to see put into action on stage, with an online drawing’s shape quite literally adjusted as its ‘DNA’ is kept in an online library and effectively results in change at scale. You can also control environments within buildings, depicting movement without any technology by arranging large-scale objects in a certain way.

For example:

Telling the story behind the objects, they began a project called local resistance to explore their history and environment. The main question is, how can you tell a story in the best possible resolution? The resulting collections show how we are inspired by nature, how we feel a reaction in human form (like an embrace), reflected in wrinkled-looking designs.

Paracrafting wishes into reality

Gt2P used the Design Indaba platform to share a message with the world that while we are all different, we’re becoming homogenous and traditions are getting lost. It’s about preserving communities rather than preserving their icons.

They then invited South African ceramist and Design Indaba Emerging Creatives alumnus Andile Dyalvane to explain his collaboration in paracrafting with gt2P on his interactive ‘hope keepers’ in the wishing wall currently installed at the Artscape.

He said: "The power of collaboration is that all parties get to learn through working together."

There were nudges, raised eyebrows, whispers, murmurs of surprise, spontaneous rounds of applause and bouts of laughter at gt2P’s clever descriptions and inspirational way of looking at the world and making it a better place, simply by implementing technology in ways that are not the norm.

Click here for more on gt2P, follow them and Andile Dyalvane on Twitter and visit our Design Indaba special section for all the latest coverage!

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