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    ECOM Africa transforms into Converge Africa

    After nine years as ECOM Africa, to ensure it accurately represent the entire digital commerce economy, the conference has transformed into Converge Africa.
    Image supplied. ECOM Africa has transformed into Converge Africa
    Image supplied. ECOM Africa has transformed into Converge Africa

    As the industry has evolved beyond traditional e-commerce, the conference has recognised the need to embrace a broader spectrum of sectors and players within the digital commerce ecosystem.

    Terry Southam, co-founder kinetic and retail portfolio director at Vuka Group states that it was important for the transition to take place.

    “The rebrand to Converge Africa stems from a practical need. The digital commerce landscape has expanded beyond traditional e-commerce. Our aim is to now embrace a wider range of industries and players in this ecosystem. This change reflects our commitment to promoting collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity among all stakeholders in the business.”

    Sponsors returning to the event have shown support for the evolution of the event and have agreed that the industry has indeed shifted.

    “As Insider, we have been sponsoring Ecom Africa for the last two years. The show notoriously brings industry leaders and key people from the e-commerce world together. However, we are looking forward to this expanding in 2024,” says Firuzan Akici, marketing manager, MENA, Insider.

    “To be part of the show is significant for us to share our insights with the attending organisations and also grow our network in South Africa. We are so excited to share new marketing technologies with industry leaders in South Africa in 2024 and speak to a broader, more digitally-tuned audience,” adds Akici.

    Rationale for the rebrand

    There are a number of reasons for the rebrand.

    • Acknowledging the expansive landscape
    • While ECOM Africa successfully highlighted e-commerce, the term inadvertently left out other crucial aspects of the digital commerce economy. Converge Africa embraces the dynamic and interconnected nature of our industry, encompassing digital marketplaces, fintech, payments, logistics, digital advertising, cybersecurity, banking, insurance, travel, hospitality, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, gaming and esports, energy and utilities, among others. This rebrand ensures that all relevant sectors and players find a welcoming platform within our event.

    • Encouraging collaboration and cross-sector engagement
    • Converge Africa is committed to being the meeting ground for professionals across the digital commerce landscape. The world is moving into a digital area where non-online businesses are now doing business online and in a digital capacity. Through its comprehensive and inclusive platform, its aims to promote knowledge-sharing, encourage partnerships, and facilitate meaningful exchanges among diverse industry segments that have shifted into this digital environment.

      2024 brings five events into one. Whether it's delivering a seamless retail experience, ensuring secure and convenient payment options, safeguarding against cyber threats, simplifying fulfilment, or crafting effective marketing campaigns, the focus is always on delighting and meeting the needs of your customers.

    • Reflecting the industry's dynamic nature
    • The digital commerce industry is in a constant state of transformation. By embracing the name Converge Africa, we demonstrate our dedication to staying ahead of trends, technologies, and emerging opportunities. As technology has become available and evolved, it has changed the way customers and companies behave. It has changed needs and requirements and the ability of companies to fulfil these needs.

      The event will continue to provide cutting-edge insights and ensure that all stakeholders remain well-informed and empowered in this rapidly evolving landscape.

    Format of the event

    The event will follow a similar format to ECOM Africa, with the five key tracks remaining in place for the event.

    These include:

    • Retail and e-commerce
    • Fintech and payments
    • Cybersecurity
    • The future of marketing
    • Fulfilment and logistics

    The event will also maintain its conference/expo offering. Keynotes and panel discussions will take place on the plenary floor, the expo stands will offer solution-focussed discussions and smaller stages will offer intimate discussions with industry peers.

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