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kykNET's Kassie-Kuiers reaches 500,000 views in six months

Kassie-Kuiers met Renaldo Schwarp is an interactive digital show shared on kykNET's digital platforms that spotlights the channel's most popular shows like Binnelanders, Suidooster, and Boer Soek 'n Vrou and since its debut in November 2021 has gone on to rake up 500,000 views. It's filled with the latest news, scoops and gossip and brings viewers closer to their favourite stars by asking burning questions.
kykNET's Kassie-Kuiers reaches 500,000 views in six months

What makes Kassie-Kuiers met Renaldo Schwarp such a success?

"Strong content and even stronger digital distribution and promotion strategy and stellar production, which is lead by the Go2Content team. But as we all know... Content is king!" says Schwarp.

Schwarp further explains that it has exceeded all expectations, “When we started production on this, I would’ve never imagined that the numbers would grow at this rate. Reaching the half-million mark in less than six months still blows my mind and truly excites me for what we can achieve with digital products in the broadcast space.”

Digitally exclusive

"The show and accompanying podcast is a first-to-market and multi-platform product that takes engaging content to where the consumers are... online. Kassie-Kuiers truly leverages kykNET's very loyal audience and its top-class productions. Being a digital exclusive, we are highly agile and can curate content as trends or online talking points emerges.

Since its inception, the show has pivoted from its content marketing root and we really aim to engage with topics that matter to the audience," adds the award-winning broadcaster and digital strategist.

With so many diverse languages in South Africa, Schwarp notes that "people want content that speaks to their interests and their lived experiences, so what better way to deliver that content than in their mother tongue.

Globally we've seen a massive uptake in tailor-made, hyperlocal, and same language content digital content. And in that regard, creating content that speaks to this is the foundation of Kassie-Kuiers, and surely its growth as well."

Since debuting in November 2021, 25 episodes have been aired across kykNET's digital platforms.

"I'm a total entertainment and television enthusiast, so it is an absolute blast to produce and host this show", says Schwarp.

View the latest episode which showcases a new updated production approach and format.

Favourite moments

A few of Schwarp's favourite episodes include a sit-down with former Jacaranda FM colleague, Rian van Heerden about his controversial Showmax original, Sex in Afrikaans. Another of his favourite was the episode he did on TV comedy with guests Lizz Meiring and Bennie Fourie.

Throughout the first six months, it hasn't always been about entertainment and gossip, Kassie-Kuiers has covered some serious and important topics and more recently about human trafficking in SA - a core theme in kykNET's drama, Projek Dina.

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