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Research reveals brands don't know how to reach mobile gamers

Gaming has always been one of the most widely practised pastimes, and the pandemic only brought it further into the spotlight. As a part of the Digital Turbine platform, AdColony's vision of the full mobile consumer lifecycle has continued to evolve and expand.
Research reveals brands don't know how to reach mobile gamers

With such an expansive audience as mobile gamers, this means doing justice to how rich and diverse the group is and going beyond their habits and preferences as players to learn how they act as consumers.

How can brands in those verticals tap into the near-universality of mobile gamers across the country (and indeed, around the world!) to reach people they might be missing with their traditional digital channels?

AdColony explored how mobile gamers engage with advertising on this channel, what drives their purchasing decisions, how the pandemic has reshaped their shopping habits, how they consume entertainment, and much more.

Data and insights are most interesting when the stories are reflective of actual people, which is exactly where our team pulled from. There are hundreds, even thousands of stories here that can inform marketers’ campaigns in 2021 and beyond.


  • 83% of respondents said they had purchased something directly from a mobile game, with 41% saying they have clicked on the ads they see in games.
  • 57% of mobile gamers eat fast food at least once a week
  • 93% of respondents said they drink their alcohol at home, most likely while playing games.
  • 44% of mobile gamers say mobile apps are the more convenient method of shopping
  • 4 in 10 mobile gamers track their physical activity with an app
  • 86% of mobile gamers own or lease a car
  • Mobile gamers’ favorite movie genres are comedy, drama and action

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