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Topco Media in partnership with the legendary Shirley Zinn

Not so long ago, the perception of the Personnel Department was that it was the first place you visited (and dreaded) when you started work; the last place when you ended your employment, or the one place where you found yourself in some serious trouble.

However, the department at its core was revolutionised and its role has been transformed, making Human Resource (HR) Departments as we know them today, an integral and dynamic part of the success of the top companies in South Africa.

The nature of democracy should be reflected in a company’s principles and should be incorporated through things such as the freedom of speech, furthering education, basic respect and social responsibility. This agenda, among many others is promoted by the HR Department.

As emphasis continues to be placed on people-managing and skills acquisition, we at Topco Media remain fully attuned to the industry and aim to assist the business world to understand the vital nature of providing excellence in the field of human resources.

Recently, Topco Media engaged a Strategic Advisor, who has proven herself to be an unparalleled expert in this field. Shirley Zinn has built an impressive career and continues to build on this profile as an HR professional.

Born and raised in the Cape Flats area, Shirley faced man challenges but she defied all odds and obtained an M.Ed from the University of the Western Cape and eventually a PhD from Harvard University.

She then went on to achieve success in the HR arena. She worked as the Group Executive for HR at Nedbank and HR Director at Standard Bank South Africa. In 2008 she received the award for "Top Business Women of the Year" at the annual Top Women Awards. Shirley has now written a riveting account of her journey called Swimming Up Stream – a must read which truly inspires human endeavour.

For more information, contact Rose Setshoge on 086 000 9690 or az.oc.ocpot@egohstes.esor.

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