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80% of journalists open pitches the day they recieve them

Not only do the vast majority of pitch responses occur on the same day the pitch goes out, but also, despite the fact that journalists are three times more likely to respond to a pitch between 50-150 words, public relations (PR) professionals are sending more and more pitches which are breaking the 1,000 word mark.
Source: © Bakhtiar  80% of journalist responses happen the same day they receive a pitch
Source: © Bakhtiar 123rf 80% of journalist responses happen the same day they receive a pitch

This is according to the just announced PR Management platform (PRM), Propel’s, Q3 2022 Quarterly Pitching Barometer.

“We’re excited to present our Quarterly Pitching Media Barometer for Q3 of 2022,” says Zach Cutler, Propel co-founder, CEO & Chairman.

“This report provides a unique snapshot into the state of the PR industry, giving unique insights into what’s working and how to improve best practices for pitching journalists.

“Our hope is that people in the communications industry will use the findings presented in the Barometer to create improved PR strategies which benefit both the client and the journalist.”

A downward trend

Over the past several years there has been a general downward trend in journalist response rates to pitches.

This trend is only continuing, leaving many PR and communications professionals feeling helpless as they attempt to obtain earned media coverage for their clients and companies.

To address this issue, Propel compiled a series of data reports to enable PR professionals to better focus their pitching and send journalists stories that actually interest them.

The company compiles these reports by analysing (and anonymising) the over 350,000 pitches PR professionals sent through the platform’s email plugin to find trends in pitching and journalist response rates.

Using these metrics, comms and PR professionals alike are able to adjust their pitching strategies to drive further success.

Download the Q3 2022 Media Barometer here.

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