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Sky Digital is here and there are no limits

Born of mobile and digital marketing stalwart IMDM, Sky Digital is the sleek, youthful and future-thinking agency that speaks to your company as a unique entity. From their 12 years of industry experience, which spans the birth of social media and marketing technology, comes a thorough understanding of fundamental marketing principles, and their place in the new and thrilling world of digital marketing.

Sky Digital takes the time to get to know you and your brand, to pin down your goals, your voice, your audience and its needs, before settling down to tailor-make a unique strategy that speaks to your brand – and only your brand. Sky understands that you can’t just throw technology at a campaign and hope it works. When technology is employed, it is used in a way that adds value to the marketing chain. Whether its through the use of cutting edge augmented reality apps that drive leads straight to your sales team, or high-end e-commerce sites that provide your customers an attractive and user-friendly place to shop, Sky ensures that the platforms they use, the tech they choose, is valuable to you.

Their five-pillar campaign journey is simple and effective. Starting with discovery, Sky Digital conducts thorough market research to fully understand your objectives and requirements. This leads seamlessly into design. Not only does Sky design a unique strategy for your brand, they interpret this strategy into creative copywriting and a cohesive and eye-catching campaign design, building in the perfect technological execution for you. Once prepped, Sky delivers. Whether it’s a social media campaign, a video production, an AR-enabled POS campaign, it is delivered seamlessly, monitored and tweaked to ensure impressive and above all measurable results. Each campaign is plugged in to an analytics solution which provides thorough insight into the effectiveness of any given campaign, and allows Sky Digital to adapt their approach as needed.

The core of Sky Digital team, headed by Director Riaan Nel, has been creating innovative and groundbreaking campaigns together for 12 years. Whether they were leading the charge of South Africa’s uptake of social media, introducing augmented reality to the country, or pioneering VR for corporates, the Sky team never rests, always looking for that new creative technological solution that will give your brand its marketing edge, while never losing site of the fundamentals of communication management. The experienced team is bolstered with their vibrant young juniors, who bring their own unique perspective into the tough-to-crack millennial and Gen Z markets.

Based in Centurion in Gauteng, and Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, Sky Digital is well positioned to roll out national campaigns. Their international tech partners bring a wealth of expertise that is hard to match locally. Together, the Sky Digital team offers a truly unique blend of skill, talent and technology that will skyrocket your brand.

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The sky really is the limit with Sky Digital.

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