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Digital media influencers under 30 dominating the digital world

The world of digital media is evolving all the time. It has become a place where youth culture survives and thrives.
The communication tools available in the digital age we live in allow those who traditionally would not have had a voice to express themselves and explore the world around them far more than previous generations.

Digital media influencers under 30 dominating the digital world
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This infographic looks at the top digital media influencers under the age of 30 in the digital world right now. These are young men and women who are dominating their industry, valued by a close knit community and who above all know their niche and their audience.

Jamal Edwards is the British Owner of SBTV, a YouTube channel and broadcast company which he set up and runs himself. At 23 years of age he is incredibly successful as 8 years after setting up his company at 15, he is not worth £8 million.

Felix Kjellberg is a Swedish Gamer and Founder of The PewDiePie channel on YouTube. At 24 years of age he has 25 million YouTube subscribers which is more than Beyonce and Barack Obama's channels combined.

Tavi Gevinson is 17 years old and regularly featured on the front row of international couture fashion shows. She takes her place in the same row as Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, such is her influence on her online loyal internet fan base community. She started with Rookie Magazine age 12, which has 1.2 million visitors per month.

Other successful digital media influencers under 30 include Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, a 22 year old British Vlogger with 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, Grace Helbig, a 28 year old American comedic actress, Jack Harris, a 20 year old gap year student, a group of 4 friends who run Sorted Food producing You Tube cooking videos and Marques Brownlee a 20 year old technology Vlogger.

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