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57 channels and everything's on!

The 1992 Bruce Springsteen hit, "57 Channels and Nothin' On", tells the story of how, despite the number of choices available, there is never a perfect choice for you, and the options are always too few. In the evolving media landscape, the song continues to ring true, with a small twist. Everything is on!
57 channels and everything's on!

As a specialist agency, MediaHeads 360 has its foundation in connecting brands and audiences using trusted media partners and technology. Storytelling has always been a key ingredient in the way we activate, captivate, and amplify our messaging. The ability to connect relies on being real and relatable, and we’ve spent time building a team that understands the fabric of our dynamic society and the media options available to audiences. Our roots in audio production have built a strong foundation for us to grow into new spaces, evolving with the media landscape.

Television has always been an influential platform in the South African media dynamic. From switch-on in 1976, MNET decoders, DSTV, Open Choice, and now streaming platforms, South Africans have embraced TV in its many guises over the years. With the increase in technology and internet bandwidth, and the decrease in cost (as a barrier to entry), video on demand has become an additional platform for entertainment and education with local audiences.

There has also been a surge in the back-end technology that delivers digital content. Not only are screens offering FHD, UHD, and 4K HDR, but the sound associated with viewing experiences has become more intense with better presence. Video compression and streaming technology have also overcome the intense bandwidth required for download and live viewing, making it easier and more affordable for audiences to be connected on-the-go. It is almost the perfect content and technology storm that we find ourselves in, with quality and quantity raining down on audiences.

The beauty of video on demand is that it is an additional platform to an already popular medium. Traditional set-top viewing isn’t being replaced by streaming and mobile; it is being augmented with additional choice. We need only see the success of Saturday morning omnibuses, live news channels, and appointment viewing to know that audiences like choice. In my opinion, audiences are enjoying a more cohesive and engaging viewing experience.

Quality programs rely on good investment. The investment is not only financial, but also includes ideation, creative input, and execution, as well as back-end experience in production and logistics. In our experience, it is the expertise of the production team that ultimately makes a show a success. MediaHeads 360 has actively been working on finding the right partners in the television space as we look to grow storylines, integration opportunities, and brand synergies.

As part of our growth, we’ve partnered with Trace Studios. They are the ideal partner in the television space as they are also a company of storytellers. Sivan Pillay, CEO of Trace Studios, also sees the benefit of the MediaHeads 360 partnership. Pillay explains, “Trace is a business built on premium content. From art, music, sport, and lifestyle entertainment, we create audio-visual experiences that resonate with global audiences. Production, distribution, and technology are key pillars in our business, and it's wonderful to work with MediaHeads 360 in identifying opportunities in our premium products.” From a partnership perspective, Candy Dempers, MD at MediaHeads 360, says she loves the fact that Trace works with emerging talent, helping them grow and develop, ultimately creating their legacy.

"Future Maskandi" is a prime example of one of the shows Trace Studios has created. The show is going into season two and highlights the cultural vibrancy of where music meets contemporary influence. The show celebrates the artists, their stories, and the culture behind the musical genre.

As a nation, South Africans love their food, especially when it is enjoyed with friends and stories. “Fork It, Uncork It” is a new TV property that will be launched later this year. Not only will it be a culinary delight, but also an entertainment explosion in food and wine!

For brands to meet audiences in an integrated way requires planning, attention to detail, and management. It is essential for the quality of the production and audience engagement that the integration not only makes sense but also adds value to the show. MediaHeads 360 has once again partnered with Known Associates Entertainment on uBettina Wethu. Season 3 is currently on SABC 1 and Season 4 is set to come out later on in the year.

Ideas, Elevated. This is the essence of The TVSMITHS. Strong ideas and innovative execution require a company with experience and talent. The TVSMITHS offer both. "It is their passion for local talent and telling stories that other production houses shy away from that we love about The TVSMITHS," says Dempers. Anthony Wayment-Nel is the Executive Producer and MD at The TVSMITHS. Speaking about their work, Wayment-Nel says, "We've used our international experience to create a truly local company that loves using the power of local languages and diverse genres. From health to game shows, actuality, and drama, we make it our business to deliver exceptional programs."

Children love to engage with television, and it is with this in mind that The TVSMITHS and MediaHeads 360 will be partnering on WORDOM, an animated educational show for kids. The format is fun and lively and offers brands an opportunity to be part of this unique concept that encourages literacy, but more than that, a LOVE for words. The success of global shows adapted for local markets remains a powerful concept for South African viewers. The Secret Teacher has enjoyed massive success internationally and is headed to our screens in 2023 and is bound to hook audiences from the first episode!

There has never been a better time to consider television properties. The perception that television advertising is out of reach because of cost is no longer an overwhelming issue. Agile production partners, and campaign managers that understand production timelines and the needs of the client, both contribute to a cost-effective environment.

Choice, convenience, and cost are all factors that influence the modern TV audience. Despite an increase in content options, audiences are finding it easier and more convenient to watch and engage with more content than ever before. The blend of traditional channels and on-demand services makes for compelling viewing. Add companion content to the mix, and audiences now become truly immersed in storylines, characters, and plots. Additional content, previews, and access to premium opportunities all drive loyalty and affinity with audiences.

At MediaHeads 360, we believe the conversations in people's homes have changed from "there's nothing on" to "what are we watching today?". It's an exciting space, and we're hoping to help you push play on your next integrated television campaign.

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MediaHeads 360 delivers integrated, programming focused and strategic marketing campaigns which include television, radio, content marketing, activations, social media amplification and influencer marketing.
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