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MediaHeads 360 delivers integrated, programming focused and strategic marketing campaigns which include television, radio, content marketing, activations, social media amplification and influencer marketing.
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Interrogating integration
"Run Forrest, Run." You can picture the scene from the now classic, 1994 movie. All the emotions, the quotes and the human spirit captured by the Oscar-winning, Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. It was also the first time I remember seeing a brand in a movie that stuck with me. 11 May 2023 Read more

Mic check, one two. Pushing record on production
Good campaigns are built on great stories, powerful ideas, integrated platforms, and efficient execution. Campaigns are what drive us at MediaHeads 360, and we've always been a business that looks to activate, captivate, and amplify your brand message. 5 Apr 2023 Read more

57 channels and everything's on!
The 1992 Bruce Springsteen hit, "57 Channels and Nothin' On", tells the story of how, despite the number of choices available, there is never a perfect choice for you, and the options are always too few. In the evolving media landscape, the song continues to ring true, with a small twist. Everything is on! 23 Mar 2023 Read more

For the love of drama
My daughter has just segued into her second year of being a teenager. Sometimes, I think I should be making notes to write a book or TV series. 8 Mar 2023 Read more

MediaHeads 360, celebrating 4 years of growth
On the 18 February, MediaHeads 360 celebrated their birthday, announcing on social media that they're 18, going on four years old. 24 Feb 2023 Read more

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