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New categories in the 2022 Galliova Food and Health Writers' Awards

Since its inception 33 years ago, the South African Poultry Association's (SAPA's) Galliova Awards have been at the forefront of innovation as the first awards to recognise South African food and health writers. In 2022 this acknowledgement continues, with the awards making several changes to maintain relevancy with the evolving media landscape.

“To ensure we consistently keep up with the South African media’s transformations, and that the Galliova Awards remain relevant during these changing times, we have revised some of the categories, criteria, and scoring, and have adjusted the prize money to accommodate additional categories. The time for eligible published work has been brought forward to ensure greater emphasis is placed on the quality (as opposed to the quantity) of work submitted. We’re also proud to announce that the total value of the cash prizes has increased to R189,000,” explains Aziz Sulliman, chairperson of SAPA.

The awards are sponsored by the Egg and Broiler Producers of SAPA, and celebrate the country’s best magazine, newspaper, and online food and health writers. They recognise excellence in food writing, visual appeal, food styling, and the promotion of South African eggs and chicken, as well as evidence-based health reporting, including nutrition related to eggs and chicken.

New categories

This year marks the return of the Galliova Food Writer Award and with it, the introduction of the Galliova Food Stylist Award. Although both categories recognise excellence in the overall promotion of food culture, the writing award specifically honours outstanding food writing, and the stylist award exceptional visual appeal.

A second new category debuts this year – the Galliova Champion. This award acknowledges one of the winners from the six award categories for the most outstanding overall contribution.

The digital food influencer category has been renamed the Galliova Digital Content Creator and is open to South African digital food content creators with a credible and up-to-date website and at least two linked social media platforms.

First and runner-up prizes are awarded in each category, except the Galliova Champion, which is one award. The categories are:

  • Galliova Food Writer (Food print & online media)
  • Galliova Food Stylist (Food print & online media)
  • Galliova Health Writer (Health print & online media)
  • Galliova Egg Champion (Food/health print & online media)
  • Galliova Broiler Champion (Food/health print & online media
  • Galliova Digital Content Creator
  • Galliova Champion

Published print articles from November 2021 to September 2022 are eligible for entry (PDFs for September issues of print publications will be accepted). Online entries from November 2021 to end of August 2022 are eligible for entry.

All entries must be received by 29 August 2022.

It is anticipated that, for the first time in two years, the renowned Galliova Awards ceremony will once again be hosted in person in Cape Town. The date is set for 21 October 2022.

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