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Creating brave ideas to tackle Covid-19 challenges

The Loeries and Constitution Hill - the venue for this year's Loeries Creative Week, taking place in September - have launched an innovative campaign to elicit creative solutions to deal with challenges around the Coronavirus - or Covid-19 - pandemic.
Creating brave ideas to tackle Covid-19 challenges

Based on the principle that now, more than ever, the world needs brave creativity to keep it thriving, the Loeries and Constitution Hill have challenged the brand communication industry to come up with proactive ideas to help alleviate critical problems currently facing society as the Covid-19 pandemic takes a foothold across Africa and the Middle East.

Potential campaigns include ideas to prevent consumers from stockpiling, helping to deliver remote education solutions, raising awareness of staying safe while using public transport, delivering care and food to the elderly in isolation, helping people who are struggling with isolation and why there is a need to cancel events that exceed government mandated maximum thresholds, such as weddings and funerals.

Individuals in brand communication, from across the region, are invited to choose a brief (available at and send their brave and innovative creative solutions to moc.seireol@egnahcetaerc. Brands will fund the bravest ideas to help raise funds to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In addition to challenging creative thinkers into utilising their skills for a social purpose, the campaign also allows brands to identify creative solutions, from the creative community, and bring them to life in ways that creates societal value.

“Throughout our history, the brand communication industry has moved society in a positive direction through a range of different campaigns. Considering the scale of threat that is posed by COVID-19, this campaign could be another great example of how we create positive change in society through our ideas,” says Preetesh Sewraj, CEO of the Loeries.

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