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IDidThat Best in Craft for July 2021 named

Greg Rom from Gentlemen Films and Ian Gabriel from Giant Films were awarded Best in Craft for July 2021. The guest judges included chief creative officer of Draftline JNB, Neo Segola, and partner and director at The Rudeboy Collective, Mpho Twala.
IDidThat Best in Craft for July 2021 named

Every month teams up with ad industry leaders to award the finest in South African film and production craft across these different categories: Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Animation and SFX, Online, Original Sound, Sound Design, and Final Mix. It’s just another way that we make it ridiculously easy to stay up-to-date with who’s doing the best work in the country.

Best in Craft (Direction) was awarded to Greg Rom from Gentlemen Films for Mercedes Benz ‘Trust your Gut’.

Segola mentioned that this campaign was intriguing and 'watchable'.

"The shot selections, as well as the information packed into each one, tell so much of the story and provoke the right emotions. Each shot is playfully yet expertly considered, curated, and composed, resulting in a level of cinematic storytelling that does not need dialogue and frills to fill in the gaps – because the director’s visual storytelling leaves nothing out. Adding to its watchability is its multi-layered storytelling. Every time you watch each individual piece, you discover something different. What makes it a visually strong campaign is how the composition of each shot contributes meaningfully to the narrative," said Segola.

"From the depth of each shot to the camera’s position, nothing is wasted and nothing is superfluous. Even though the shots are often static or have slow tracking, the movement is deliberate in its intentions; inviting you to engage but leaving you feeling uneasy! Yet another strong element in this treatment is the colour palette. At first glance, it is bright and colourful, and optimistic. On closer inspection, it communicates something insidious that lies beneath. The result? You smile at the commercials’ comical nature but are left uneasy by…something. Very clever! I’m definitely fan-girling for this entry. Well done,” concluded Segola.

Best in Craft (Direction) was awarded to Ian Gabriel from Giant Films for Supersport ‘Watch Africa Rise’.

Twala said, “This was the standout film for me, as a lover of all things sports, I thought it was well crafted and not a typical ‘sports promo video’ you’d expect from Supersport. Loved how they treated the lighting and cinematography. The intercutting between archival and shot footage is seamless and helps to tell the story in an emotive way."

"I also appreciate that they didn’t try and recreate something we’ve seen before, and rather went for something unique that stands out. This piece is a reminder of why Ian is one of the great custodians of this commercial industry – such a fantastic leader. Everything about this film works hard. The cinematography is key. With very intentional lighting that aids the cinematography. Sound design plays its part. And the voice-over helps the spot flow,” said Twala.

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