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    Leading fashion and lifestyle retailer TFG shared its strategy to revolutionise the omnichannel experience and transform into Africa's leading high-tech omnichannel retailer. "We are laying the foundations to become the largest, most reliable and most profitable e-commerce destination on the continent; via a simplified, customer-centric approach, aimed at maximising group scale, minimising duplication and cost, and leveraging our incredible assets," shared newly appointed co-chief omni officer Claude Hanan. The announcement came as part of the retailer's 2021 financial year-end presentation. Issued by TFG (The Foschini Group)
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3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office

"In an age of radical transparency, your internal culture is your brand. Time to take action!" proclaims the headline from

The premise is that up until recently most business operated with a black box mentality, expecting outsiders to believe whatever branding the company chose to paint on the outside of the box. “Glass box” thinking is a radical shift towards business transparency, whereby a company’s internal culture and processes are on show for all to see.

Why brands need to become master storytellers

Many millions of brands, from consumer goods to charities, compete across a bewildering array of media platforms for attention. All of them hope for more...

By Greg Viljoen 27 Oct 2017

The all-revealing glass box

“Once, your internal corporate culture was just that: internal. But now that a business is a glass box, there’s no such thing as an ‘internal’ culture.”

Odgers Berndtson in sub-Saharan Africa recently shared on Bizcommunity that “Today’s brands are under more scrutiny than ever before as the rise of radical transparency has catalysed an irreversible move from an inscrutable black box to an all-revealing glass box model.”

The UK’s University of Law states “In the current age of transparency a positive internal culture of business is vital for growth and positive public image.”

Controlling the narrative from the glass box

Brands are more accountable than ever in an age of radical transparency...

By Leon Ayo 30 Nov 2017

How to showcase internal culture

According to in a culture-first approach, examining and improving internal culture and then telling the world via brand stories is the winning strategy to ensuring internal culture and processes become brand assets.

Global consultancy adds, “For a company used to competing in the market strictly on price or features, with little internal focus or cohesion, the idea that internal culture and processes are highly visible will be a very new one. But it will be a worthwhile process and add tremendous value if done correctly.”

“Fortune 500 companies lose roughly “$31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge,” Pamela Babcock

Since 2001, Bizcommunity, the indispensable B2B medium, anticipated the role of company culture as intellectual capital. Biz Press Offices are a “glass box” game changer offering a window into 18 industry communities, who daily publish their values, ethos, culture and processes, from Africa to the world.

3 steps towards “glass boxing” your company on Bizcommunity
    1. Step 1: Capitalise on culture

    Make assessing and redefining your company vision, mission statements and core value propositions a priority.

    2. Step 2: Leadership

    Mentor and motivate by clarifying what your company stands for and communicating it internally and externally. Refresh, remind and reset stakeholders and teams to get buy-in to your strategic direction.

    3. Step 3: What’s in the box?

    Maximise the value of these worthwhile cultural initiatives with a Biz Press Office, the essential display case for company ethos and culture, on the indispensable company B2B news medium in Africa.

Help grow the knowledge economy of African business. Join over 400 top companies glass box publishing in 18 industry sectors on Bizcommunity.

Biz Press Office packages have been updated to offer even more exposure for your great brand content.

Where 370 companies in 18 industries trust Biz Press Office newsrooms to publish corporate content, on Africa's indispensable B2B news media. Enquire about a newsroom like this for your company on
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