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New Man Lion's City bus unveiled

The new Man Lion's City is a completely re-designed city bus which is set to venture onto the roads in September, when practical testing will begin in several European cities. The new generation of city buses will then be introduced to a selected group of people in March 2018 during its launch.
New Man Lion's City bus unveiled

From the outside, the new city bus has a range of eye-catching features, including its distinctive headlights, which incorporate an LED band that acts as daytime running lights, and the typical black Man front panel and chrome trim, as well as its large side windows. Not only do these lend the vehicle an impression of dynamism, but as aspects of segmented panelling, they also contribute to the improvement of life cycle costs (LCC).

Full-LED main headlights are now available for the first time. The new Man tail lights are fitted with LEDs as standard. The lamps have a long service life of up to 10,000 operating hours and are also reliable and energy efficient.

The drivers of the new Man Lion's City will also find a completely redesigned and optimised space. With a focus on ergonomics, comfort and safety, the positioning of the switches and instruments has brought about an increase in user-friendliness. The high driver's door and a raised seat improve the driver's position in relation to the passengers boarding the vehicle.

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