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SA's Food For Mzansi Group wins Wan-Ifra 2024 Digital Media Awards Podcast category

South Africa’s Food For Mzansi Group has won the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide Best Podcast category for its podcast, Farmer Inside Track.
Image supplied. Wan-Ifra announced the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide winners with SA’s Food For Mzansi Group, wining the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide Best Podcast category
Image supplied. Wan-Ifra announced the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide winners with SA’s Food For Mzansi Group, wining the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide Best Podcast category

It is the only South African and African entry to feature on the overall winners’ list, which is chosen from the winners of the regional level of the Awards held this past year in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and South Asia.

Yesterday, Monday 27 May, Wan-Ifra announced the 2024 Digital Media Awards Worldwide winners in Copenhagen at a ceremony at the 75th World News Media Congress.

The awards acknowledge excellence and groundbreaking digital innovation across 12 categories that recognise the changing way people receive and engage with news.

The winners

Best use of AI in revenue strategy

Winner: Ekstra Bladet, JP/Politikens Hus, Denmark: Platform Intelligence in News (PIN)

Judges comment: “Brilliant. Deep, mature and well-presented project. This is it: AI done well. Solid, well thought venture of a serious business into dangerous territory. So much to be learned: applause.”

Best use of ai in the newsroom

Winner: Russmedia, Austria: Russmedia meets AI

Judges comment: “Russmedia has created a comprehensive integration of AI across its newsroom workflows that is impressive in scale while at the same time being sensitive to editorial responsibilities. The approach was well thought through, thorough and transparent. They have thought about how to future proof their integrations while also bringing staff along for the journey.”

Best digital subscription/reader revenue project

Winner: United Daily News Group, Taiwan: Cracking the Code: How Our Homegrown Data-Driven Curation Program Reshaped Subscription Growth

Judges comment: “From value of news content to newsroom transformation to fulfilling business needs, United Daily News Group has shown its competency to make this project a great success with data-driven curation approach reshaping subscription growth.”

Best in audience engagement

Winner: The Hindu Group, India: The Hindu Made of Chennai

Judges comment: “An amazing project connecting people and the city via comprehensive touch points across various media. A testament of how powerful a media platform could be when it’s used in a very creative way!”

Best innovative digital product

Winner: News Laundry Media Private Limited, India: Newslaundry App

Judges comment: “Digital audiences are expecting user centric products and experiences that match their current consumption habits at other apps. This is a great case that confirms how important it is to prioritise ’product’ strategies and not only ’pricing’ strategies, when we move to subscription based models.”

Best native advertising campaign

Winner: Bonnier News, Sweden: The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation

Judges comment: “This strategy showcases a combination of creativity, innovation, and tangible results. Not only did it succeed in increasing donations, but it also raised awareness with an impact on public health. Undoubtedly, a success story that stands out in Swedish society.”

Best news website

Winner: Amedia, Norway: ALT – a Norwegian one stop shop for personalized news content

Judges comments: “The value proposition is very interesting. With just one subscription you can access different newspapers.”

“ALT addressed readers’ pain point by offering them a personalised news solution with amazing growth of user base for the last 4 years.”

Best newsletter

Winner: The Guardian, USA: Reclaim Your Brain

Judges’ comment: ”Reclaim Your Brain” from The Guardian is a transformative experience that guides readers toward a healthier relationship with their devices. Like a path unfolding step by step, each edition cleverly connects to the next, enriching the journey towards digital mindfulness. Blending humour with evidence-based advice, this newsletter not only captures attention but empowers readers to control their mobile usage. Behind each issue, there is extensive research and expertise, making complex concepts accessible and applicable day by day.”

Best podcast

Winner: Food For Mzansi Group, South Africa: Farmer’s Inside Track

Judges’ comment: “Good targeted content, and concise storytellling.”

Best use of video

Winner: South China Morning Post, Hong Kong: SCMP Films

Judges’ comment: “This series is excellent. Each episode tells a compelling story, and they are tightly narrated. The quality of both the video and audio is excellent.”

Best data visualisation

Winner: Reuters, USA: How fentanyl replaced heroin and hooked America

Judges’ comment: “The transitions of the illustrations from the most understandable data to the least manageable figures create an attraction towards storytelling that is extremely difficult to achieve.”

Best fact-checking project

Winner: Agence France Presse (AFP), Global: AFP Fact Check: how to verify information online

Judges’ comment: “This initiative goes beyond just delivering fact-checked content but shows how fact-checking is done and demonstrates how to use the tools and techniques. The examples used in the videos are real cases from different parts of the world and the explanations given by the journalists are clear and easy-to-follow. This can be a great resource for fact-checkers, trainers and ordinary people who want to learn how to do fact-checking by themselves.”

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