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Youth Month Content Feature

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#YouthMonth: Rapt's Khangelani Dziba - A youthful energy in the creative space

Khangelani Dziba, group divisional head: Public relations and influencer partnerships, for Rapt Creative agency, believes young people have a different energy of the future – one they want to see - and that comes through in what they do and say.
Image supplied. Khangelani Dziba, Rapt's group divisional head: PR & influencer partnerships, says young people bring a different energy to the industry
Image supplied. Khangelani Dziba, Rapt's group divisional head: PR & influencer partnerships, says young people bring a different energy to the industry

This, he says is beneficial to agencies. “Young people are more in touch with the lived experiences of the audiences of brands, so we bring insights that ensure brand solutions are contextual.”

Dziba joined the creative industry in 2013. He has been with Rapt for four years.

His motto is,“Life is a journey, do not try to rush where you are now for it has valuable lessons to take you towards your next!”
He says his journey has been filled with many experiences that have led to his personal development and his contribution to the industry.

What has been the most difficult learning curve for you?

Accepting that not everyone will see your vision but if it is worth it if you invest in it and evolve it into a place where it finally makes it out of just an idea and into something worth being celebrated.

Patience is a virtue and in a world of instant gratification it may feel like things are not happening, but the silver lining is that they do end up seeing the day of light when the time is right.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt?

To realise the change you want to see in this industry you have to be it and work towards making it a reality for others. But it does not stop there, consistency is paramount which necessitates that you keep working towards that change even after the fact.

What advice do you have for other young people looking to enter the industry?

Have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and work towards it with key measurable milestones you set for yourself. This will keep you motivated as you approach your journey. Seek the guidance of those who have come before you.

Sometimes this may require mentorship which you must seek by way of personal relationships formed or reading what people you admire have written to understand their framing.

Finally, you will be rejected or turned down many times but believe in yourself and what you have to offer the world. This will ultimately become your North Star when no one else is there to keep you motivated.

Why should young people come into the creative industry, what opportunities does it offer?

The creative industry has created a safe space for us to approach challenges through a different lens that lets young people like me bring a unique perspective within a particular framework.

I think it is important to bulk up on skills to future-proof your career and integrate your creativity with where the world is regarding digital and AI innovations. Otherwise, ours will become obsolete.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Globally recognised with a career that impacts decision-making for the benefit of all who dare dream of a life bigger than where they come from or influenced by the status quo.

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