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Ogilvy launches pioneering health influencer offering in South Africa

This exciting move is in response to significant shifts in consumer behaviour, with a majority of people seeking health and medical information, on platforms like TikTok and Instagram from healthcare professionals.
Ogilvy launches pioneering health influencer offering in South Africa

Recent Ogilvy Research & Intelligence data shows that 70% of people engage with health-related content on social media, with 93% taking action. This cutting-edge initiative is designed to support clients by connecting pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness brands with the dynamic and expanding influencer economy.

It leverages the extensive reach of social media to amplify brand awareness and forge stronger connections between brands and their audiences. Moreover, 88% of respondents report a better understanding of a loved one’s health journey and feel validated about their health concerns, while 92% experience a boost in confidence regarding their health decisions due to the positive impact of medical or health-related social media content.

“In the evolving landscape of health communications, our goal at Ogilvy Health is to empower businesses across various sectors with the tools to reach and engage specific audiences effectively," says Gillian Bridger, managing director of Ogilvy Health in South Africa.

"We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that our partnerships amplify their brand's impact through expertly curated content and strategic influencer collaborations.”

The initiative also extends beyond social media, targeting multi-platform engagement through channels including medical journals, television, health magazines, and more, allowing for a comprehensive approach to health communication.

“We are equipped with verification systems and processes to make sure our health influencers engage the right audiences effectively and to build meaning connections,” said Sanesh Maharaj, head of Influence at Ogilvy PR & Influence. "In a time when misinformation can quickly spread and credibility questioned, we take an approach with our medical professionals that enables us to provide transparent and scientifically sound content, safeguarding the trust and value of the information shared. The future of health influence lies in real experts making a real impact. Own your health conversation, or someone else will.”

Additionally, this marketing approach has encouraged medical professionals to share their insights more openly on social media. Furthermore, eMarketer reports that 57% of physicians have revised their views on treatments or medications based on information from social media.

This specialised offering by Ogilvy is set to empower brands to engage more effectively within the health and wellness sectors, tackling personalised health trends and combating misinformation through credible, expert-driven content.

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