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    IAB SA's new white paper: A roadmap for influencer marketing

    The time could not be more ripe for the release of Best Practices for Influencer Marketing in South Africa, a new white paper by the IAB South Africa’s Digital Influencer Marketing Committee.
    Image supplied. of Best Practices for Influencer Marketing in South Africa is a new white paper by the IAB SA
    Image supplied. of Best Practices for Influencer Marketing in South Africa is a new white paper by the IAB SA

    Influencer marketing has long become more than another trend, with the global influencer marketing industry estimated at $21.1bn* and the South African industry increasing by 11.6% annually.*

    Knowledge and tools

    “This white paper underscores the Influencer Marketing Committee and IAB South Africa’s commitment to advancing the industry and empowering stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary for success,” says Pierre Cassuto, head of the IAB South Africa Influencer Marketing Committee.

    “While we’ve attempted to provide a concise overview of the current influencer landscape in South Africa, the document is simultaneously a comprehensive and detailed framework for brands, marketers and influencers that will assist them to effectively collaborate and create impactful campaigns.”

    Common set of definitions and terms

    Released in late 2023, the paper follows the Committee’s Definitions Document of 2021, which aimed to develop a common set of definitions and terms for the industry, and further acts as a guide towards ethical, capable influencer marketing strategies.

    Succinct in its purview, it provides actionable recommendations to navigate the intricacies of influencer marketing and serves as a foundational guide for stakeholders seeking to harness the full potential of influencer partnerships while upholding quality.

    “We are extremely proud to present the industry with a document that benchmarks best practices by both providing valuable insights and guidelines for navigating the dynamic landscape and elevating the standards of influencer marketing in the country,” concludes Cassuto.

    IAB South Africa
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) South Africa is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital media and marketing industry within South Africa.
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