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Radio & Audio News South Africa

HOT 102.7FM and Moneyweb launch new business show to boost on-air offerings

Johannesburg-based commercial radio station HOT 102.7FM has announced a strategic partnership with financial media group Moneyweb and launched a new business in an effort to strengthen its existing on-air offering.

HOT Business with Moneyweb launched on 4 March and is on air Monday to Thursday, between 18h00 and 19h00. It is anchored by financial journalist, MC, author, and Financial Sector Conduct Authority consumer advisory panel member, Nicolette Mashile, the founder of Financial Fitness Bunnies – an agency that seeks to simplify financial and consumer information for its customers.

HOT Business with Moneyweb will adopt a similar approach, focusing on business and financial stories and interviews that affect the HOT 102.7FM audience, which, according to the latest BrandMapp survey, currently numbers approximately 613,000 listeners.

“When we took the decision to launch this business show, it made sense to partner with the market leader in this space, as any new addition to our line-up needed to match our existing world-class offering of the very best ‘Old Skool’ and R&B music and some of the best presenters in the business,” says Lloyd Madurai, managing director of HOT 102.7FM. “Further to that, we needed that partner to be a brand that resonated with our upper SEM audience, and we feel that Moneyweb is that partner.”

The Moneyweb site generates between a million and 1.5 million unique visitors a month and more than five million page views.

“HOT 102.7FM is one of the fastest-growing radio stations in South Africa and we are excited to be part of this growth journey. We are also proud to offer its audience a business show that will offer the HOT 102.7FM community business news that affects them," says Ryk van Niekerk, editor of Moneyweb. "The show is different to other business radio shows as it will distil the most important news of the day to reflect how it will affect listeners' pockets."

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