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    Harness the power of Acrobat's new AI Assistant to boost productivity

    Over the past year, Adobe has delivered dozens of new generative AI-powered capabilities across their creative and experience applications, helping customers across every region create stunning content and memorable experiences for their customers.
    Harness the power of Acrobat's new AI Assistant to boost productivity

    They are embarking on their next chapter of generative AI innovation by introducing their first capabilities for digital documents. AI Assistant in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, is a new AI-powered conversational engine deeply integrated into PDF workflows — a vision that will redefine document productivity for everyone.

    Accelerating your productivity with AI Assistant

    “Humans and technology have been able to “talk” for years, however generative AI unleashes a whole new model for that experience. Our customers can now use AI Assistant to work more productively, creating more time for the work that really matters”, says Dax Data, CEO, Dominic Richardson.

    No complicated implementations are required - simply open Adobe Acrobat and start using the new beta features today, including:

    • AI Assistant: AI Assistant recommends questions based on a PDF’s content and answers questions about what's in the document — all through an intuitive conversational interface.

    • Generative summary: Get a quick understanding of the content inside long documents with short overviews in easy-to-read formats.

    • Intelligent citations: Adobe’s custom attribution engine and proprietary AI generate citations so customers can easily verify the source of AI Assistant’s answers.

    • Easy navigation: Clickable links help customers quickly find what they need in long documents so they can focus their time exploring and actioning the most important information.

    • Formatted output: Ask AI Assistant to consolidate and format information into top takeaways, text for emails, presentations, reports and more. A “copy” button makes it easy to cut, paste and pass along.

    • Respect for customer data: AI Assistant features in Reader and Acrobat are governed by data security protocols and no customer document content is stored or used for training AI Assistant without their consent.

    • Beyond PDF: Customers can use AI Assistant with all popular document formats (Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, etc.)

    As an established actor and instructor in Hollywood, California, Victoria Myssik started a studio of her own. TheVictoriaMyssik studio offers virtual acting lessons and coaching sessions. With Acrobat AI Assistant, Myssik can hone in on just the right scene or monologue to fit her goals for each student.

    Rather than spending hours reading an entire play, Myssik uses the PDF summariser to get exactly what she needs, for example the plot summary. If it seems like a fit, she can skip right to the scene by following the citations provided by AI Assistant.

    “It’s mind-blowing how much time I save with Acrobat AI Assistant,” says Myssik. “It cuts down hours of reading into a few minutes of work. I can run my business better, and more importantly, it adds to my overall success in life. I have more time to take care of myself, audition, connect with friends, and do other things”.

    Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs)

    As a leader and visionary in artificial intelligence, Adobe builds foundation models in the categories where they have deep domain expertise and partners with best-in-class large language models (LLMs) for text-based experiences. When working with third-party LLMs, Adobe contractually obligates them to employ confidentiality and security protocols that match their own standards.

    Adobe also evaluates all LLM integrations in accordance with their AI Ethics process and principles. They specifically prohibit third parties from manually reviewing or training their LLMs on Adobe customer data.

    Into the future

    Adobe is proud of their role in transforming the definition of PDF and the value they have delivered over the past 30 years. They believe the next 30 years will be defined by responsible innovation and look forward to working with customers, industry and the broader community to imagine and invent new ways to learn, create and collaborate with digital documents across our personal and professional lives.

    Discover how Adobe Acrobat’s AI Assistant allows you engage with your document for swift answers and one-click summaries, enhancing your productivity and crafting impactful content effortlessly.

    Contact az.oc.atadxad@selas for information on plans and pricing.

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