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Galliova Food and Health Writers’ Awards mark 35 years

Despite the challenges posed by the avian influenza outbreak in recent months, the South African Poultry Association has confirmed that this year's Galliova Awards will proceed as scheduled.

Transparent judging

This year the awards enters its 35th year – a milestone marked by continued support from journalists and writers across the food and health sector, and the high-calibre adjudication panel assembled each year. This panel is committed to strict, fair and transparent judging, which has become a hallmark of these awards. The awards are open to food and health media of South African print and online publications, including influencers and bloggers.

The categories this year comprise Galliova Food Writer, Galliova Food Stylist, Galliova Health Writer, Galliova Egg Champion, Galliova Egg Hero, Galliova Chicken Champion, Galliova Digital Content Creator and the Galliova Champion.The Galliova Awards are sponsored by the Egg and Broiler Producers of the South African Poultry Association (SAPA).

The association believes that educating consumers on easy, economical and healthy meals is imperative, and that including chicken and eggs in these messages is essential, as these are still two of the most affordable animal proteins available in our country today. This objective forms the backbone of the Galliova Awards, which acknowledges the best written and visual pieces that promote the use and benefits of South African chicken and eggs.

To ensure this messaging reaches all consumers, across the board, the awards introduced the Galliova Egg Hero category in 2023.

This category is specifically aimed at food and health writers and social media influencers, with content created for budget-conscious South Africans with limited disposable income. The eight awards categories carry a prize purse of R214,000 this year.

A first prize and runner up will be awarded for all categories, except the overall Galliova Champion, where there will only be one winner. In the case of a tie the judges examine the entries in question to select the final winner. If one clear winner cannot be identified, a joint prize is awarded.

The categories and their related prizes are:

  • Galliova Food Writer (Food print & online media). First prize R25,000 and the runner up R6,000.
  • Galliova Food Stylist (Food print & online media). First prize R30,000 and the runner up R8,000.
  • Galliova Health Writer (Health print & online media). First prize R20,000 and the runner up R5,000
  • Galliova Egg Champion (Food/health print & online media). First prize R20, 000 and the runner up R5,000.
  • Galliova Chicken Champion (Food/health print & online media). First prize R20, 000 and the runner up R5,000.
  • Galliova Digital Content Creator (South African credible digital food content creators who have their own website and a minimum of two linked social media platforms). First prize R20, 000 and the runner up R5,000.
  • Galliova Egg Hero (Food/health: print & online media and digital content creators).
  • First prize R20,000 and the runner up R5,000.
  • Galliova Champion (Judges will select one entrant from the winners in the above seven categories, whom they believe deserves this prize). One prize R20,000.

The awards criteria are reviewed each year and adjusted where necessary to suit the ever-evolving media landscape. Feedback is regularly obtained from past winners and industry representatives, and integrated into both the awards criteria and the judging process to ensure the awards remain relevant and maintain pace with the media’s, and adjudicators’ expectations.

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