Sue Disler has more than 25 years of experience in the advertising and marketing as a designer (and sometimes coder), art director and strategist, the last 20 largely dedicated to digital. Email her at moc.liamg@zideus, follow @suediz on Twitter or find out more on Linkedin.
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#DesignIndaba2018: Neri Oxman is naturing our future

Neri Oxman, architect, inventor, engineer, designer, scientist and founding director of the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab, who spoke on Day 3, thanked Design Indaba's founder, Ravi Nadoo for letting her be "suntanned by the Mother City's spirit...

By Sue Disler 26 Feb 2018

#Designindaba2018: SA's crowd-sourced solution for a global problem

Dr William Mapham, an ophthalmologist hailing from the Eastern Cape, who conceived the Vula app, whilst working at the Vula Emehlo Eye Clinic in rural Swaziland and experiencing first-hand the difficulties faced by rural health workers in need of specialist advice, spoke on Day 2 of Design Indaba and received a standing ovation...

By Sue Disler 22 Feb 2018

#DesignIndaba2018: Zach Lieberman's magical world

Academic, rockstar or DJ? This was one of the questions Sue Disler had for artist and educator - creative coder, Zachery Lieberman in her interview with him on Day 1 of Design Indaba 2018...

By Sue Disler 21 Feb 2018

#BizTrends2018: ...And the Bots are live!

Here are just a few questions to ask yourself that could influence how you move forward in 2018...

By Sue Disler 8 Jan 2018

[BizTrends 2016] Develop a solid content strategy

The art of predicting how content marketing will change, or which new technologies or channels we will need to adapt to and/or adopt in this day and age does not get any easier...

By Sue Disler 25 Jan 2016

[2014 trends] Contradicting addictions

I started out the new year with a small experiment: A plea to all and sundry on Facebook to stop "talking" via SMS, iMessage, BBM and WhatsApp and start speaking verbally to each other again...

By Sue Disler 27 Jan 2014

[2013 trends] Who said magazines are dead?

What an interesting dilemma it was for me moving into publishing almost three years ago. The glossy was HERO and digital was a very, very bad word indeed. But I was excited that, for first time, I could really get to grips with CONTENT. In advertising that's the missing, quintessential link. In order to understand where I am headed here, let me contextualise my thinking by way of illustrating a historical, time-stamped journey of sorts.

By Sue Disler 14 Jan 2013

[2012 trends] Will someone (Eskom, maybe) please pull the plug?

That was my first reaction when Bizcommunity's editor Simone Puterman requested an article predicting 12 trends for 2012. A "trend" is defined as "a general tendency, movement, or direction". In my honest opinion, what most people will be purporting as trend is merely (if you analyse it properly), new and improved technology and ideas.

By Sue Disler 31 Jan 2012

[2011 trends] May your forefinger be with you...

Upon entering a new decade while a mere 45 minutes away from civilisation (Cape Town) this summer, my observations of how technology has changed our lives have grown far more acute.

By Sue Disler 17 Jan 2011

The not-so-new news sites

Recently a number of news websites around the world have gone through a redesign, including in a few in South Africa. You will notice this kind of site tends to get a redesign far more often than its print counterpart - the reason being that it is consumed 24/7 and, even though the content is refreshed continuously, users can quickly tire of the same look on a daily basis. Or so they say...

By Sue Disler 26 Jul 2010

The 'design' of the Construction New Media awards

With a record amount of entries in competition this year and categories being added and refined - it seems fitting that the Construction New Media Awards' association to the Design Indaba has allowed Design to become its quintessential criteria.

By Sue Disler 27 Feb 2005

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