Melissa Burns

Independent Journalist and Business Consultant
Location:South Africa


Melissa Burns is an independent journalist and business consultant. Business innovations, technology, and marketing are central topics of her articles. She started writing with a single goal of sharing her expertise with other people. Burns also provides workshops for start-ups and small businesses.
From local to global: getting started with international e-commerce

Other than those specifically targeted at narrow niche markets, most domestic businesses do hope to one day extend their reach and go international...

By Melissa Burns 6 Mar 2019

Top African tourism countries and their perspectives

Tourism is becoming one of the most important economic sectors for many African countries. According to TINA Magazine, the top ten African countries received more than 37 million visitors in 2018 which means the whole continent might be looking into a more exciting and brighter future of tourism...

By Melissa Burns 31 Jan 2019

Upgrading business with mobile app development

Today there are over 4.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and over 2.6 billion of them have smartphones...

By Melissa Burns 2 Aug 2017

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