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Upgrading business with mobile app development

Today there are over 4.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and over 2.6 billion of them have smartphones.
Melissa Burns
Melissa Burns

It’s also estimated that the latter number will increase to 6.1 billion by 2020, so now is the time for upgrading business with mobile app development.

Although there are a few other interesting languages available now, you should choose the language with extreme care to get the perfect app for your needs.

Why Android is a good choice

I’d like to highlight that every business is unique and you must put your company’s interests first when deciding on an operating system. Simply put, if your target audience consists of iOS or Windows Mobile users, there is little point of making an Android-only app.

However, if your customers don’t have any of these preferences, Android would be your best choice. It’s a simple fact that Android’s market share is bigger than any other mobile OS. It beats Apple’s iOS, its closest competitor by 6 times. As there aren’t any indications of a diminishing interest in Android, one has to assume that it will remain the most widespread mobile OS for a while.

As the point of upgrading business with mobile app development is to attract more customers, using the most popular system is the most logical choice. Do note though that there are specific countries where iOS leads. These include Japan, the USA, the UK, France, and Denmark. In these countries, you need to research your targeted customers carefully to determine which OS is most popular among them. I can also suggest developing an app for both systems.

Best programming language for upgrading business with mobile app development

As we’ve already seen, Android dominates the market in most countries. It’s also sure to continue said trend as two of the three most sold smartphone brands (Samsung and Huawei) use Android.

However, for your app to succeed, you must not only choose the right platform but also ensure it’s efficient and bug-free. This means you must pick the best programming language.

The most popular options for Android developers are:

  • Java: Java is the main Android language used by about 9 million developers.Even Google uses a unique variation of it. Therefore, this coding language offers the best options in terms of versatility and adaptability. However, you’ll need to be careful in choosing your developers. Not all companies are good with using Java 8, which is the best option available today. Java 6 has some limitations that might lead to bugs and poor performance. So, be sure to check what type of coding the company uses. Reliable services don’t hide this information. For example, Java application development company Iflexion explains their use of Java 8 for higher efficiency and easy integration of mobile apps. Java’s advantages include running on almost all platforms, great support, and extensive open source libraries.
  • Kotlin: When upgrading business with mobile app development, you need to get a program that will be simple to use and run without bugs. Kotlin language is more concise than Java and is perfect for Android development. It also has the null in its type system, which helps eliminate some bugs often occurring in Java apps. Kotlin has a decent Anko library and is getting more popular today due to its ease and efficiency.
  • Corona SDK: This programming language derives from the LUA programming language and is easier than Java. It's also more concise and believed to be more efficient. However, it's mainly a coding language used for mobile games. Therefore, its libraries and functions are geared toward works with graphics. Java, as an object orientated language, is more versatile in this regard.
  • There are quite a few other languages that allow creating great apps for Android. Some professionals even use combinations, like HTML5 + JavaScript to make apps optimised for both web-browsers and mobile devices.

    The final choice lies with you as a business owner. I advise assessing your needs and researching your customers. Take a look at what they use now and then consult pros on how to create a program that will be better. Bear in mind, there are over 3 million apps on Google PlayMarket today. This means your 'upgrading business with mobile app development' project must be original, captivating, and overall perfect. Anything less will get overlooked in favour of better programs.

So, I suggest choosing the best, most experienced developer you can afford as these professionals will, quite literally, be the writers of your success.

About Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns is an independent journalist and business consultant. Business innovations, technology, and marketing are central topics of her articles. She started writing with a single goal of sharing her expertise with other people. Burns also provides workshops for start-ups and small businesses.

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