Lisa Steingold

Head of Marketing, blogger and brand game changer
Location:South Africa


Lisa Steingold is a marketer, wannabe cyclist and author of Cut the Crap; the Power of Authenticity for Brands.
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Forget business as usual, build a brand ecosystem

Marketers need more than just optimised ad spend and clever campaigns to thrive in fast-changing times. We need thinkers who are prepared to shift business as usual...

By Lisa Steingold 7 Mar 2019

From Europe to SA with love: 3 tips for South African marketers in 2019

It seems fitting to be writing this on the last day of 2018. I set off, just one year ago in search of digital knowledge and broadened career experience from Europe. It's exactly what I found and more...

By Lisa Steingold 2 Jan 2019

Advertising in the age of mobile, social and AI

Given the rise of mobile, social algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) and their impact on both advertising and how we engage, the way advertising campaigns are run has changed...

By Lisa Steingold 26 Sep 2017

Learnings from Facebook in Dublin

Popimedia was invited to take part in a social media manager's boot camp in Dublin during the first week of June...

By Lisa Steingold 19 Jun 2017

The role of social in the marketer's mix

It's hard to understand why brands wouldn't be using social for business growth...

By Lisa Steingold 24 Jan 2017

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