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Innovation Publication launch 2021

Innovate Durban recently launched its third annual offering of its Innovation Publication. The publication provides information to all stakeholders, including innovators and investors, on the state of innovation in KZN. This year's edition introduces five new indicators, which sees the introduction of design patents, film copyrights, patent grants, companies registered, and companies expected to submit taxes (on a national level).
Innovation Publication launch 2021

This edition also expands its focus on providing information important to grassroot innovation. A number of the indicators in the publication also start to show the immediate impacts of Covid-19 on science and innovation in the country. In addition, a Covid-19 Impact Survey was conducted, which aims to provide reference for the overall impact of Covid-19 on innovators in KZN and South Africa.

Over the past two years, the Innovation Publication has proven to be a vital tool for all stakeholders for keeping abreast of the latest thinking and trends within the provincial innovation space. The publication is also an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the success of innovators within our province, showcasing the profiles of five new innovators in this edition.

In addition, the publication is hosted on the Innovate Durban Innovation Dashboard, as a living mechanism aimed at showcasing the data, celebrating innovation, connecting stakeholders, enabling collaboration, and creating new partnerships and possibilities.

Innovate Durban is a collaborative platform between the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society that meaningfully contributes towards building an inclusive and vibrant innovation ecosystem and culture in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Aurelia Albert, CEO for Innovate Durban, expressed her excitement at the launch of the 3rd annual Innovation Publication, aimed at mapping innovation data for thought leaders, business, entrepreneurs, academia, designers, government, and all innovation stakeholders to explore the latest trends in innovation.

Innovation Publication launch 2021

For more information on the Innovation Publication 2021, including partnerships or exhibitions contact:

Amy Benn
Innovation Co-Lab Lead – Innovate Durban
Tel: 087 365 3131 | Email: nabrud.etavonni@yma

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