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Cornerstone Institute is an independent, not-for-profit higher education institution, producing excellence in the fields of; Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Business, Education, Sociology and Community Development.
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Are we building the right kind of leaders for Africa?2020 has seen a year marked by reflection as the pandemic has brought to light the cracks in our country's leadership styles. With a plethora of corruption charges and disregard for the country's poorest, are we building the right kind of leaders in Africa and how do we teach our children to be better than the examples presented to them? 26 Nov 2020 Read more

The value of artHave you ever tried to imagine a world without art? The first thought that comes to the minds of many when posed with this question is often geared towards imagining a world without galleries, music concerts or dance studios. But what about the chair you're sitting on? The design of the phone you use every day, the logo of the company you work for or your favourite quote that was taken from a world-famous poem? Even though art is all around us, every moment of every day, it's one of the most undervalued sectors of our society - with many choosing to see it as a hobby or extracurricular activity. 26 Nov 2020 Read more

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