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Now matured to version 6.4, Placement Partner is a complete candidate tracking and recruiting software system, supporting integration with major job boards and any existing company website.
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The inner workings of the recruitment machine - The importance of job sectors and functionsWe work with numerous systems everyday and unfortunately, a lot of the time we sabotage our own success simply because we do not understand the mechanisms below the surface. Today we'll examine what's going on inside your applicant tracking system, strip away all the fancy programming jargon and explain the crux of it in layman's terms. 30 Aug 2018 Read more

13 reasons why... our SMS feature will change your life!Your kids may not think that SMSing is cool, but when it comes to your recruitment business this feature is an absolute gem. For years email has been the preferred mode of communication in business, but the relationship which recruiters share with their candidates and clients is somewhat more personal than the average business affiliation. Here's a list of the advantages of having SMS capability within your recruitment software which you may not have considered yet... 23 Jul 2018 Read more

There's no time like the futurePlacement Partner ranked among 2018 Future of HR Awards finalists 13 Jul 2018 Read more

The candidate feedback debateI imagine that many of you are rolling your eyes at this very moment, thinking to yourself that there are just not enough hours in the day to give each and every candidate feedback. So, allow me to begin by saying I'm not here to debate that fact in the least. I think we can all agree, that it is a universal truth! However, I've embarked on this endeavour to see what the pros and cons are and to ascertain whether there is some way to reap the benefits without being crushed under the weight of your workload. 12 Jun 2018 Read more

The tools of the recruitment tradeAs the pace of modern life picks up we're finding new innovative ways to use the internet to make our lives easier. The recruitment process is no different - recruiters and jobseekers alike have taken to the web to reach their goals faster and more efficiently. As a result a number of different platforms have either sprung up or developed new features to make it easier for people to connect and find the right job or candidate. 22 May 2018 Read more

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