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MediaHeads 360 delivers integrated, programming focused and strategic marketing campaigns which include television, radio, content marketing, activations, social media amplification and influencer marketing.
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MediaHeads 360 activates Nelson Mandela's legacyMedia specialist agency, MediaHeads 360, will celebrate Mandela Day and Nelson Mandela's legacy by making a difference in the lives of animals cared for by the Woodrock Animal Rescue. 17 Jul 2019 Read more

MediaHeads 360 MD talks to T'Bose on Kaya FMOn 3 July 2019, in the Kaya FM Outside Broadcast van, live from the largest conference in Africa - Radio Days Africa, @tboseZA had a chat about radio dramas with @mediaheads360 MD, Candy Dempers. Candy talked about the name change from RadioHeads to MediaHeads 360 as well as the relevance of radio dramas today. 10 Jul 2019 Read more

MediaHeads 360 amplifies Youth DayMediaHeads 360 will amplify Youth Day over three days, with a work experience programme that gives Grade 11 learners a taste of the media industry. 18 Jun 2019 Read more

MediaHeads 360 - Ready to produce your campaignThe media industry's fast pace demands innovative, cost-effective and easy solutions. MediaHeads 360, with its all-inclusive approach, is ideally positioned to deliver a complete solution that alleviates the pressure and effort of non-traditional campaigns. 31 May 2019 Read more

Candy DempersIn the 90s there was a television commercial for the SABC's RadioActive. The commercial depicted a family huddled around a television set. The initial shot showed the back of the TV with the family tuned into some gripping action. The grandfather was seated in the middle, the rest of the family around him as they stared at the box. As the camera started to pan to show the front of the TV, you could hear the action reach fever pitch. At the moment critique in the audio, with the action now at its highest level, the camera focused on the television set. The screen was broken, and the glass had been removed, in the middle stood an FM radio. The family had been transported into a world of entertainment that gripped them. It was an advert that reminded the audience how powerful radio is. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

RadioHeads' name change activates, captivates and amplifiesSpecialist radio marketing agency, RadioHeads today announced it will be changing its name to MediaHeads 360 to reflect the company's integrated communication approach. 18 Feb 2019 Read more