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MediaHeads 360, celebrating 4 years of growth

On the 18 February, MediaHeads 360 celebrated their birthday, announcing on social media that they're 18, going on four years old.
MediaHeads 360, celebrating 4 years of growth

That may sound confusing, but it is less complicated than you think.

On 26 April 2005, Radioheads was born. Fourteen years later, the business evolved into the name it's known today: MediaHeads 360. The company started out as a solution to clients who wanted campaigns tailored for radio. As the media landscape has continually evolved and changed in line with consumer consumption shifts, so has this dynamic team.

That's why, four years ago, they adapted to the changing consumer shifts, to answer this challenge and became MediaHeads 360, focussing not just on radio but offering full-service content marketing solutions across all media platforms, while still continuously helping to create positive impact in the media and advertising industry through its bursary and CSI initiatives as well.

"MediaHeads 360 has always had an independent spirit and it's very rewarding to see that embraced in the industry. We've always supported our brands to continuously innovate and adapt because we believe our strength is rooted in our brands' ability to not just stay relevant, but lead the way," says Dave Tiltmann, chief executive officer of JSE-listed broadcast company, African Media Entertainment (AME).

With it's fourth year as MediaHeads 360, the team has by no means been resting on their laurels. A huge television property acquisition drive has seen them enter into an array of partnerships with numerous stakeholders including broadcasters and streaming platforms to offer clients exclusive new properties.

Candy Dempers, managing director of MediaHeads 360 said, "We're very excited for the further growth into the television space and we believe it's the next step for us to continuously evolve our business to offer our clients meaningful solutions."

"Change is inevitable, and brings with it its own challenges but I'm so proud to say that we never shy away from challenges, in fact, we embrace them!" Dempers added.

24 Feb 2023 09:06